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Handbrake Video Converter-A Best Free Converter For All formats

What is HandBrake Video Converter? Well, we are living in an era of video content. Almost every day or I would say every hour we come across videos. You may be a YouTuber, a video editor, or working in any capacity. So, you may need to convert video files in your desired format then what you do? Don’t think more, just download HandBrake Video Converter and enjoy the fastest and reliable video converting into any format. While its many useful features and no cost make it an easy choice for video editors. Let’s have a detailed look into it.

Handbrake video converter

Overview of HandBrake Video Converter

Well, Handbrake is an open-source is a tool that is used to convert formats to modern codecs. This transcoder for digital videos allows you to convert videos from any format. Initially, HandBrake Video Converter was developed by Eric Petit in 2003 to process DVD i.e ripping a film from DVD to data storage. However, after that, it has gone through many changes and its recent stable release was made on the 13th of June 2020. So, if you have to deal with videos then this software for you that is intended to both rip and convert video files to work on a number of supported devices.

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Features of HandBrake

As I have mentioned earlier that HandBrake can convert videos from any format. However, some other key features are the following.

HandBrake Software
  • Hardware Presets: This video converter is very easy to use. You just need to choose an optimized profile for your particular device and it will start working. Also, you can go with the universal profile for standard or high-quality conversions. In other words, we can say it is very easy, simple, and fast. HandBrake supports Intel Quick Sync since its version 0.10.0 was released. Later in December 2018, support was also added in 1.2.0.
  • Common Input Sources: HandBrake video converter enables you to process the most common multimedia files. It also includes DVD or Blue Ray sources as well that have no any kind of copy protection.
  • Diversified outputs: HandBrake fetches you the multiple version of different files. The following are the video and audio encoders according to HandBrake’s official site.
    • File Containers: .MP4(.M4V), and .MKV
    • Video Encoders: H.265 (x265 & QuickSync), H.264(x264 & QuickSync), H.265 MPEG-4 & MPEG-2, VP8, VP9 & Theora
    • Audio Encoders: AAC / HE-AAC, MP3, Flac, AC3, or Vorbis
    • Audio Pass-thru: AC-3, E-AC3, DTS, DTS-HD, TrueHD, AAC & MP3 tracks
  • Supports Batch Encoding: HandBrake Video Converter also supports batch encoding while using GUI (Graphical User interface), and CLI (Command Line Interface). Third-party scripts and UIs like HandBrake Batch encoder, Batch HandBrake, and VideoScripts are available for such purpose.

How to download and install HandBrake?

HandBrake supports all popular operating systems i. e Windows, mac, and Linux. So, to download and install this video converter, follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the download page of HandBrake official website
  2. Download the file as per your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  3. Launch the installer you have downloaded, it will install automatically
  4. Once the installation is done, you will receive a notification about the successful installation
  5. Launch the icon of HandBrake to use it


HandBrake Video Converter almost supports all format conversions and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It allows customizing the conversions in your desired modern codecs. while the best part is, it is free and open source. So, download and install to increase your productivity. Stay tuned with us for more such updates, and free software.


Photoshop Now Has AI Sky Replacement Feature

Artificial Intelligence is doing wonders in the world of technology. With its use, the work of hours is being wrapped up in seconds. Similarly, Adobe Photoshop has added a new feature AI Sky Replacement. This feature will enable its users to edit their images within seconds and with precision. While many adjustments are made automatically by its machine learning algorithm. This article is going to bring the complete details about it.

What is AI Sky Replacement?

AI Sky replacement

To narrate precisely, it is the easiest way to replace the sky in your images within a few seconds. If your images do not possess a compelling sky view then you can fake it using the AI-powered sky replacement feature. It automatically detects the temperature of the image foreground as well as the background and adjusts the image accordingly. Moreover, it automatically analyzes the image and knows where the sky begins and ends. Hence, it seamlessly replaces the sky and renders a realistic view.

AI Sky Replacement in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, the most used photo editing software is now using the advance technology to make its performance and even better and offering a better user experience. The cutting edge technology and machine learning technology will do the wonders while editing your images and that too within seconds. It will automatically differentiate between the foreground and sky and will adjust it accordingly. It is also worth mentioning that Photoshop is not the first to introduce this feature. Earlier Luminar 4 is also using this feature and definitely, Photoshop is going to ruin their party. Most users used to use Luminar 4 for sky replacement but now Photoshop is going to grab a lot of market share.

AI Sky Replacement nin Photoshop

How to replace the sky in Photoshop?

Well, how to use AI Sky Replacement feature t replace sky in the photoshop. To perform this action, follow the following steps.

  1. Run the Adobe Photoshop
  2. Open the image you want to edit
  3. Go to Edit Menu
  4. Click on the option of Sky Replacement (It will open a new dialogue box and will find a lot of sky views on the right side)
  5. Select the sky view of your choice to replace

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However, if you don’t like the default sky views then you can also add a custom sky view image you have in your device by clicking the + icon at the right bottom side. Apart from this, you can also group sky views according to their nature.


AI Sky Replacement is now available in Adobe Photoshop. It can enable its users to replace the sky view of their images within seconds because of AI, Machine learning, and the cutting edge technology. The color scheme of the image will be analyzed automatically and hence the sky view will be adjusted accordingly. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates and news.


How To Choose a 3D Printer? Here Is All You Love To Know

3D printing technology has revolutionized the way we produce objects. Either these are tools, clothing, toys, or even body parts. In a process commonly referred to as additive manufacturing, 3D printing allows you to re-create complex three-dimensional objects. However, the question is how to choose a 3D printer? Initially, 3D printing was supposed to be for industry line and they used to spend tens of thousand dollars. But now it is getting common and consumers are also needing it. This article is going to enable you to know the guidelines you should follow before buying a 3D printer.

How to choose a 3D printer?

Are you a 3D artist? Do you need to print your artwork? If your answer is yes, then definitely you need a 3D printer. However, unfortunately, there are countless numbers of 3D printers, and the market is saturated. While the price range also varies from low to very high. Then what to do. How to choose a 3D printer? Well, follow the following guidelines.

How To Choose a 3D Printer? Here Is All You Love To Know 1 Top10.Digital

Why do you need a 3D printer?

First of all, you will have to determine why do you need a printer. What kind of printing you are going to do? For how long you are going to do the printing? Because there is a huge difference between printing a gadget for your own and printing for industrial scale. Choose the objective of your printing from the below mentioned.

  • Household 3D Printing: These are the objects we can commonly find in our homes or offices. Such objects are printed at a low scale and also are vulnerable to moisture and light. So, it means this type of work needs occasional printing. Hence for such printing, an FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printer with Polylactic Acid (PLA), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), or Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG) for filament will be the best choice.
  • Outdoor Objects Printing: Well how to choose a 3D printer if you are going to print outdoor objects like lawn decoration, plants, as well as green hills. You will need a printer that could bear the sun too. So, if your printing is of this nature then you should go with ABS as PLA or PETG.
  • Artwork Printing: Are you an artist or a 3D painter? Then you will need a printer to print on a regular basis. Therefore, to print your beautiful artwork, you should go for an FDM printer or resin printer. These are more accurate to print 3D artwork.
  • Professional Products Printing: How to choose a 3D printer when you need to print professional products? This will be on a large and industrial scale. So, there will be regular printing. So, for such printing, it is better to go with the resin printer.
  • Tools Printing: Tools printing can also be a reason to buy a 3D printer. However, it depends on the application of those tools. But remember, if you are going to print the tools in just a working way then an ABS on FDM with enough infill will work fine for you. But for the professional level, you should choose the resin.

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Determine the style of your printing

After knowing the objectives of your 3D printing, you need to know in which style you are going to do the printing. There could be hot extrude material or plastic or vats of liquid. So, you will have to choose the printer according to the printing styles. The following are some printing styles.

How To Choose a 3D Printer? Here Is All You Love To Know 2 Top10.Digital
  • A Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM): In this style shapes or objects are printed by heating filaments that are fed through a tube. While shapers are extruded along with the X, Y, and Z-axis. Cartesian or Delta style frame construction can also be done.
  • Stereolithography (SLA): In this style, a photo-solidification process is used in which layers are formed through a chemical reaction. This is one of the best styles to print with accurate details and precision.
  • Digital Light Processing (DLP): Knowing your printing style matters a lot when we say how to choose a 3D printer. One of those styles is DLP. It is very similar to SLA but in this style digital lights are used to create layers.
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS): This style uses laser technology and is much suitable for industrial 3D printing. While the powder is used that is solidified using laser and form layers.

Well, after knowing the style of 3D printing, it will become a lot easier to find the answer to how to choose a 3D printer. For every style, you will have to choose the printer accordingly.

Choose a printer with high safety features

After going through the above paragraphs, you will be well aware of how to choose a 3D printer. However, in each work or project safety should be the first priority. So, you should choose a printer with high safety features. For example, the FDM printer automatically moved its nozzle away and it becomes colder once you stop printing. Hence it will prevent any damage done by heat.

How To Choose a 3D Printer? Here Is All You Love To Know 3 Top10.Digital

High Resolution and Quality Features

The printer you will choose should have a high resolution as well as quality features. The resolution of 3D printers is measured in microns. So, the minimum microns should be 25 while 100 microns can be the maximum. Thus you will be able to get the best and smooth printing. Moreover, you should also keep in view that the printer should have a touch screen, heated glass beds, support for filament, etc. These features will change your 3D printing experience.

Materials needed for a 3D printer

Just knowing the basic information is not the end of how to choose a 3D printer. There are a lot of other things you need to know. Well, you should also know about the materials and ingredients needed for 3D printing. The following is the material, you should have.

For FDM or Filament Printers

Such type of printers use Filament spools that are made up of different materials like plastic, and wood etc. However, following are the types of filaments.

  • PLA (Polylactic Acid): It is a type of plastic that is derived from a plant. If you are going to print indoor then it is the best fit. Because PLA is prone to Sun and excessive moisture and can easily degrade or deteriorate.
  • PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol): Such type of filament is used for printing food objects and are said to be food safe. However, it does not mean your object after printing will be food safe. So, these filaments should be finished in a food-grade epoxy before making contact with food objects. Adhering to these instructions helps you a lot in finding the answer to how to choose a 3D printer.
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene): Choosing the right filament is an important thing in how to choose a 3D printer. ABS filament is the best for printing outdoor objects. Because it is a sturdy plastic and needs a lot of heat and temperature to work effectively. However, if you are going to use it indoors then make sure that the place or room is properly ventilated.

For Resin Printers

These printers use liquid resin to create 3D printing and are used at a professional level. the types of resin may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some of the types are the following.

  • Standard Resin: How to choose a 3D printer especially for professional printing? For the purpose, you need to about the resin. Standard resins are excellent for creating prototype desktop gadgets or small objects. These come in different colors like clear, white, and gray. However, for the final printing, these are not suitable.
  • Tough Resins: When you need printing professional settings and engineering applications then tough resins are the best choice. Moreover, these can be used for the object to have a higher impact because these are more harder and rigid than standard resins.
  • Medical-grade Resins: Well, this could be also a question, how to choose a 3D printer for printing medical-related objects. So, Medical-grade resins are there for printing such objects that range from hearing aids to dental work.

Software for 3D printing

Would you need any software for 3D printing? Yeah, sure, and is an essential part of this guide on how to choose a 3D printer. Both computers and printers use different software. The details are the following.

For Computer

The software that is used on computers for 3D printing and saving file is called Slicer. While Slicing is to create a file for 3D printing. There are different types of Slicer and the most common one is gcode. Moreover, the other two popular slicing programs are the following.

  • Cura: It is an open-source slicing program that has been developed by Ultimaker
  • Slic3r: It is a free gcode slicing program developed by Alessandro Ranellucci.

For Printers

The software used by the 3D printer is Firmware. The most used Firmware by the printer is Martin Firmware. However, all 3D printers do not use this. It varies from printer’s model to model.

What features should I look for in a 3D printer?

How to choose a 3D printer? Well, a lot of confusion I think may have cleared and you have an idea about it. However, apart from the above, the following features you should also look for.

Resume print ability

What would happen if you are a printing an object and there occurs error forcing printing to stop? Will your precious print spoil? On the other hand, it will become a lot easier if the printer has an ability to resume the print. It will save your time, precious material, as well as beautiful object. Therefore, while choosing a printer look for this feature.

Options to adjust axis

When you use a printer continuously, it axis become loose and tension decreases. So, they need to be tightened. Thus you should choose such a printer that could be easily adjusted as well as maintaining its tension without removing components.

Heated Bed Feature

This is one of the best features you should look for while choosing a printer. How to choose a 3D printer would become a lot easier once you use a printer with this feature. The printing of an object totally depends on its foundation while this heated bed plays an important role to make the foundation best.

Quality user interface

A quality user interface can help you to take your 3D printing experience to the next level. You should go for a touch screen interface when finding the answer to how to choose a 3d printer. Because a traditional rotary knob is not so compatible as well as is time taking to set the printing. While a digital touch screen interface will enable you to do print settings within seconds.

How much should I spend on a 3D printer?

Well, I am sure now you will be aware of how to choose a 3D printer. However, a question still remains there that how much should I spend while buying a 3D printer. So, before buying you should know why you need a printer and how often you will use that printer? What are you going to print? Of what type of printer you need?. The price of the printer varies from $150 to $30,000. Therefore, you will have to decide for what purpose you need a printer. Further, the price of some printers is the following.

3D Printer StyleLow PriceMedium PriceHigh Price
FDM (Fusion Deposition Modeling)$150$500$1,000
SLA (Stereolithography)$500$1,000$2,500
DLP (Digital Light Processing)$500$1,000$2,500
SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)$5,000$10,000$30,000


How to choose a 3D printer? Now after going through this article you will be well aware of it. First of all, you need to know why you need a printer and what are you going to print out. Then you also need to determine in which style you want to do the printing. Hence it will help you a lot with how to choose a 3D printer. For more updates keep visiting us.


uTorrent A Free Peer-To-Peer Download Software

Before exploring uTorrent let me ask you questions. Are you an intensive internet user? Do you need to download files frequently? Well, if your answer is yes to both of these questions then a good speed, as well as more reliable download options, will be your need. How you can get a faster speed? Will you get a high-speed internet connection? If you get not then what will you do? Will you restart downloading if an interruption is occurred like sudden power off of the computer? Well, we are here to solve these problems for you. Just download uTorrent and enjoy a fast speed without any faster internet connection.

uTorrent logo

Overview of uTorrent

μTorrent is a free BitTorrent client that is owned by BitTorrent, Inc and enables peer-to-peer downloading. It is used for downloading the files faster than the traditional way from a browser as well as the distribution of digital media in a secure way. μTorrent was originally developed by Ludvig Strigeus, however, its initial release happened on 18th September 2005. While its stable release was on 28th August 2020 and the preview release on 1st September 2020. There are 150 million users of uTorrent in the world outside and China only behind Xunlei across the globe. It has a very small size of 4.9mb.

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Features of μTorrent

uTorrent has a lot of useful features, however, the important ones are the following.

  • Speed Cap Scheduling: μTorrent allows users to schedule a speed cap for the different times of the day. For example, if you want the torrent to use maximum bandwidth during the night, you can do this from the settings. Further, you can also set a maximum bandwidth limit for downloading too.
  • Manage Downloads Remotely: The most powerful feature of μTorrent is that you can manage downloads of your PC remotely from your mobile. There is a dedicated android application that enables you to trigger or stop downloads on your computer.
  • Lightweight: This is a very lightweight software that has a size of less than 5 MB. That’s why its name is μTorrent because the Greek word “μ” micro means very small.
  • Easy to use and install: uTorrent is very easy to install and install because its user interface is itself explanatory.
  • Customizable Search Bar: μTorrent has a search bar that can be customized in your own way, style, and search preferences.

Apart from the above mentioned features, it has also many other features like RSS feed broadcasting, Proxy Server, etc.

μTorrent app

How to install uTorrent?

Well, now its time to download and install μTorrent on your system. Follow the following steps for the installation of μTorrent.

  1. First of all, go to the μTorrent official website and choose a desktop
  2. Click on the Free Download For Windows button. (A 4.9MB .exe file will be downloaded)
  3. Run the .exe file and allow it to make changes in the computer
  4. A welcome window will be opened, just click the Next button
  5. Accept the License agreement and privacy policy
  6. After that, it will ask to download free antivirus Vista free. If you want to download the click Accept Button otherwise decline it
  7. Allow it to create a desktop icon and quick launch icon, then press the next button. After that, it will start installing on your PC.
  8. Click the Finish button once it is installed
uTorrent A Free Peer-To-Peer Download Software 7 Top10.Digital

To which operating System μTorrent supports?

μTorrent supports almost operating systems. However, in some OS, it has limited support. Moreover, it supports the following operating systems.

  • Android for mobiles
  • Linux (server version only, officially supports the old version of Debian and Ubuntu)
  • Microsoft Windows (All Windows, XP, 7, 8, 10)
  • macOS

Is uTorrent totally free?

The basic version of μTorrent is totally free that is enough for a beginner to fulfill his requirements. However, it has also paid versions AD-Free, μTorrent Pro, and μTorrent Pro + VPN that cost $4.95, $19.95, and $699.95 per year respectively.


uTorrent is free software that can double up your downloading speed as well as gives you control over scheduling speed cap. It has a lot of features like managing downloads remotely. This lightweight software supports almost all operating systems. To know more about such software and applications, stay tuned with us.


XnView MP-A Free And Best Ever Image Viewer

XnView MP can manage and organize your images. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, this is a common phrase we all know. But do you have a good tool to view images? Or do you have a good and quick image editor to convey your thoughts? Apart from this, you are maybe working in an environment where you have to deal with a lot of images. Then what do you do? Either you rely on the typical image viewer or use a viewer that can increase your productivity. Well, XnView MP is there to look after your all image-related issues.

XnView MP logo

Overview of XnView MP

This is a free firmware that allows you to view, edit, and organize your images quite easily without much difficulty. It is also an image organizer as well as a general-purpose file manager that can also convert images and even edit raster images too. This powerful image viewer supports almost all types of graphics format. The list includes JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, WEBP, PSD, JPEG2000, OpenEXR, camera RAW, HEIC, PDF, DNG, and CR2. While as a powerful batch image converter, it allows you to convert, resize, add watermark, add text, enhance, and add filters in batch mode.

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Features of XnView MP

XnView is a versatile image viewer with a lot of powerful features that can help you in daily usage. Here are the features of this amazing software.


Versatile Image viewer

It is a versatile image viewer that can allow you to browse, view, and organize your images in various ways. The following are the views that this image viewer fetches you.

  • Thumbnail View
  • Full-Screen View
  • Filmstrip View
  • Slideshow
  • Image Compare
  • EXIF, IPTC, XMP metadata support

The best editing tool

XnView MP is not just an image viewing software but also it enables you to edit your image in multiple ways. You can do the following with XnView MP.

  • Resize, Rotate, Crop
  • Lossless rotate, and Crop (JPEG)
  • Adjust brightness, and contrast
  • Auto levels, auto contrast
  • Modify colors depth, and palette
  • Apply filters, and effects
XnView MP editing tool

Compatible with the maximum formats

A great feature of XnView MP is that it supports more than 500 image formats that include some audio and video files, multipage and animated still format APNG, TIFF, GIF, ICO, etc. However, it can export to about 70 different formats.

Batch Conversion

Well, you are working on a set of a lot of images then this feature is for you. You can apply various graphical operations to a lot of images as well as an image. Further, you can save a custom script for graphical operations that can be used with just one step.

How to download and install XnView MP?

This amazing image viewer supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. So, you can install it on these operating systems by following the following steps.

  1. First of all download the XnView for the operating system you have from the official website
  2. Then run the .exe file to start the installation
  3. After that, choose your language, the default language will be English
  4. Accept the license agreement and click the Next Button
  5. Select the destination folder or allow it to be installed in the default folder by clicking the Next
  6. Check the option to create a shortcut as a desktop icon
  7. Click the Install Button to install it that will take just a minute
  8. Once the program is installed click the Finish button, it is installed now.

Is XnView is totally free or a paid version too?

XnView is available as a free firmware for private or educational use. However, you can also donate but it totally depends on you. But, if you want to use XnView as a company then you will have to purchase its license. The price of the license is different for the different number of users.


XnView MP is a powerful free image viewer as well as editor, convertor, and organizer. It has a lot of exciting features like it supports 500 image formats and allows batch conversion. So, this free software can solve your all issues regarding managing your images. Keep visiting us for more news, and the latest updates.


PS5 UI Has Finally Been Revealed Today

We are coming across PS5 news every other day. From its announcement to availability for pre-order, every news went red hot. But, PS5 UI was still awaited and finally, the wait is over as the PS5 user experience and the user interface have been revealed today in a 12-minute video. The vision of Sony PlayStation is to give value to the users. Let’s explore it further.

PS5 UI and Controls

ps5 ui

The PS 5 user interface puts the users on a center stage. It is designed in such a way that users could find it supportive not irritated. However, the following are the controls and features explained in the video.

PS5 UI Has Finally Been Revealed Today 9 Top10.Digital

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  • Game Resume: In the video, Sid Shuman from PlayStation’s platform planning and management team showed a demo while logging into the PS5 account. He stated that I was already playing the game and then I take to Rest Mode. So, once he logged in, the game resumed from where he left earlier. Hence this is a new feature in the PS UI.
  • PlayStation Control Center: Sid played Sackboy: A Big Adventure for a demo so when the game resumed, he told about PS5 Control Center. The Control Center is always one tap of the PlayStation Button away. It provides immediate access to almost everything you need from the system without leaving the game. This control center includes the following thing.
    • Seeing who is online
    • Checking the status of a download
    • Managing your controller
    • Managing power (It is to mention that these characters are colorful and are called cards)
  • Cards: These cards allow you to get up-to-date on recent stories posted by publishers for games you are following. While another card DualSense Controller is there that shows you the recent media you have captured from your gameplay.
PS5 UI Has Finally Been Revealed Today 10 Top10.Digital
  • Activities: This is one of the most powerful new features of the PS5 the next-gen gaming console. This feature is part of the plan to remove barriers to the gameplay. Once you start playing the game and go to the control center, it will show you a lot of activities both active as well suggested. This is a good addition to the PS5 UI as it will tell you on which level you are, and how much game you have played. Also, activities in the PS5 UI tells you in how much time this game will complete. Further, it helps you if you have missed anything that is essential for the gameplay or can better the gameplay.
PS5 UI revealed
  • Easy Chat Option: The PS5 UI offers you an easy chat option with your friends on the PS5 console. Just open an Interactive Notification with a tap of the PlayStation Button and join the chat either it is voice or text. However, you also have a mute button option. Further, now there is an option of group chat and play even with the ability of screen sharing.
  • Online Multiplayer Gaming: With the new PS5 UI, now it is very easy to play a game online with your friends. You are playing Sackboy: A Big Adventure but you see some of your friends online playing a different game. So, with this option, you simply request to join the game and its super-fast speed due to SSD will immediately switch to that game.
  • Quick Photo: Well, this option enables you to capture screenshots of the gameplay without playing the full match. To do this you will have to just tap the Create Button on the DualSense controller. It will create high-quality photos using an in-game Photo Mode. It is also worth mentioning the PS5 console enables you to record video up to 4K.
  • Switching to New game: You are playing a game but after a while, you want to play another game then what to do. This PS5 UI gives you easy access to the new games. Just tap ton the PS5 home button while playing the game it will take you to the home screen where you can choose a game of your choice.


The new PS5 user interface looks very user friendly and puts the users on a center stage. Moreover, the PS5 user experience enables users to have more control while playing the game with new features. The PS5 will be available in November, so if you have already pre-ordered it then enjoy the new PS5 UI after getting it. Stay tuned with us for more updates, and the latest news.



So, here we are again, hot on the heels of the next generation of consoles to launch with PS5 vs Xbox Series X right around the corner. It feels like just yesterday, I was unboxing my shiny new Killzone edition PS4. Ah, those were the days…500 gigs of storage, an 8GB GDDR5 and a built-in Blu-ray player—the future had arrived! Oh, how naïve I was… 

Fast forward to the present day and the upcoming system’s architecture reads more like a custom-built, high-end PC than a store-bought console. The paradigm has indeed shifted in console gaming. Let’s explore what that means for you and what that means for the next generation of console gaming.

PS5 vs Xbox

Comparison: PS5 vs Xbox Series X

At face value, both Sony’s PS5 vs Xbox series X offers an exceptional upgrade from their older counterparts. Both consoles promise 8k resolution, up to 120 frames per second, and super-fast load times thanks to the custom-built SSDs which they both feature. But what really sets them apart? Looking at the specs above, you can see that although some stats are comparable, the Xbox series X leads in the graphics department by almost 2 teraflops of power more. That is a lot of operating power.

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For the uninitiated, a Teraflop is pretty much the measure of a system’s capacity for calculation operations going on in the background. To put it another way, the Series X can run around 12 trillion operations at any given time while the PS5 can only handle around 10.3 trillion. 

…But the real question is, will it?

Just because the system can handle that many operations don’t mean that it will. It’s kind of like being the owner of a high-performance Lamborghini—just because it can do 220 miles an hour, doesn’t mean it will actually ever see that speed. The computing power is only as good as the developers who can leverage it. So yes, maybe we will see a 1st party Microsoft studio go all in and create a knockout punch but then again, look at what was accomplished the last generation by Sony with games like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Pt. 2. 

PS5 vs Xbox series x : THE BATTLE FOR NEXT GENERATION 13 Top10.Digital

Other features: PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Now, when it comes to loading all of those beautiful graphics, the SSDs take center stage. This console generation, for the first time ever, is offering custom-built SSDs. Which (for the noobs out there) stands for Solid-State Drive. This tech uses flash memory, which it can call upon at incredible speeds, and this translates to very fast load times. One of the greatest examples of the utilization of this tech is the “quick resume” feature on Xbox series X.

This feature gives the player the unique ability to hop between games quickly, without having to close the applications. Bear in mind, though, that Sony has kept a lot under wraps, so there is a possibility that the PS5 will offer a similar feature as well. Either way you shake it, loading times this generation will be a breeze thanks to the SSD upgrades.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room—The PS5.

Just kidding! Well kind of… 

PS5 vs Xbox Series X which one is massive?

The PS5 is a pretty massive console. Standing at an entire 15 inches, that is a whole 4 inches taller than the Xbox series X. Some say size matters, but I think it’s all about the performance and, on that, both consoles are poised to deliver the goods. Whichever console you decide on this generation, you are in for a treat. Both will offer incredible graphical fidelity, improved load times, and probably some of the greatest games to ever be released. I would get into the console exclusives now, but that is a whole other article.

PS5 vs Xbox series x : THE BATTLE FOR NEXT GENERATION 14 Top10.Digital


PS5 vs Xbox Series X, both are the best gaming consoles with exciting features. Both next-gen gaming consoles have their own importance in their domains. In PS5 vs Xbox Series X, which one is the better? We can’t declare the winner from both of the two. What console will you be backing this generation? Let us know in the comments below!



With the increasing threats of theft, robbery and other incidents all around the world, people tend to find ways to secure their houses and living spaces. Moreover, spy cameras are also used for investigation purposes and for looking after the children. It can be anything helpful to safely secure the house. These can be the use of a hidden spy camera at your property.


In this article, we shall discuss 10 of the most amazing hidden security cameras that you can benefit from. Thus, you must know these best hidden cameras for your safety before 2020 ends.

Koios Travel Charger Camera

Security cam

It is an amazing hidden camera that allows you to watch and record on your smartphone. It gives you alerts for motion detection as well. Thus, it makes it the most efficient spy camera in the market. This camera is very easy to set up anywhere. Moreover, it allows you to have a wide 90 degree angle coverage with low light sensor.

AOBO Mini Security Camera


This is a professional mini security camera that will allow you to have an eye on everything that happens. It gives you the ultra-huge capacity and is more reliable than any other. Moreover, it is a wireless spy camera which makes it portable and easy to use. Its 1080p resolution and 150 degree wide angle give you the best vision.

Newton Rugged Compact Body Cam


One of the best hidden cameras is this compact body cam. It allows you to 3 hours without charging. Moreover, its small, durable and resistance body enables it to be used for a long time. It provides you with 1080p full-colour video with audio. In addition to this, it comes with invisible LEDs for night vision.

Arebi Mini Spy Camera


The Arebi mini spy camera is one of the best discrete spy cameras in the market. With its ability to capture 150 degree wide-angle view, it helps ensure to record every corner of the room. It is small and portable. Moreover, it also has a motion detection notification option to alert you. It has a great image quality. Therefore, it is one of the best spy cameras to use.

Hera Wall Clock Nanny Cam


This one is an easy to use Wi-Fi streaming wall clock camera. It is easy to install and gives a high-resolution view of the whole room. Moreover, you can record and watch everything live through your smartphone and smartwatch. Thus, it is easy to use and can help you know what is going on no matter where you are. It is very helpful if you want to record a long day as it has 6 hours of battery life.

Luna Lamp Camera With Rotating Lens


Apart from all of the above mentioned cameras, Luna lamp camera is highly effective to use. Its rotating camera helps you in recording a wide range of angles with the help of a remote. It controls light brightness and colour with your phone app. Moreover, it has a high HD resolution of 1080p. This one is the best spy camera for motion detection and wide-angle coverage.

Button Spy camera


One of the smallest Wi-Fi spy cameras is this 1080p Button spy camera. Its high definition allows you to have a great view. You can install this camera anywhere because of its small size. Its motion detector enables you to send you an alert notification. Thus, it is the most portable and easy to use spy cameras.

Hidden Pen Camera


This hidden pen camera with 720p HD resolution enables to record with audio and video options. Moreover, it is durable and highly easy to use. It records 10 min per 1 GB. Thus, it is effective to use and provide you with up to 120 min of battery life. This pen camera is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Portable Pocket Cam


UTOPB’s portable pocket cam offers an array of alluring options for anyone who wants extra security. This is a non-traditional security system that ensures proper safety. It gives you 1080p resolution with 5.5 hours of recording. Moreover, it is ideal for settings like business meetings.

Kestrel Eye Camera Glasses


One of the smartest ways to use a spy camera is to hide it in the glasses. The Kestrel eye camera glasses with touch technology recording allows you to record without giving any hint. Its wide-angle 120 degree coverage allows recording every detail. Thus, making it the most reliable and easy to use spy camera.


Hidden spy cameras are however the most amazing and innovative way of keeping an eye on all the happenings. Thus, there are various kinds of spy cameras with unique features. These amazing features can help you with improved safety of your living space.


Huawei Mate 40 Is Set To Be Revealed Now On 22 October 2020

Huawei smartphones got immense popularity with the release of its Mate series back in the 2nd half of this decade. Now they are planning to reveal about Huawei Mate 40 series very soon with a lot of exciting and advanced features. It is also worth mentioning that the contention between the USA and China has affected Huawei a lot as the company’s products are now banned in the USA market. It has also affected the supply of processors from the USA to China. However, let’s come to know how Mate 40 will be unveiled.

Huawei smartphone

How Huawei Mate 40 will be revealed?

Mate 40 smartphones will be unveiled during a virtual event held on 22nd October 2020. It was announced by the official twitter account of Huawei Mobile on the social media website.

Apart from Twitter, Richard Yu, Huawei Consumer Business CEO and Huawei Executive Director also took to Weibo, China’s own microblogging site, and announced that the Huawei event will be on October 22nd, 2020, to reveal about the Huawei Mate 40 series. However, the timing for the event is the following.

  • CEST Time —————————————————— 14:00 pm
  • UAE Time ——————————————————- 16:00 pm
  • USA Time ——————————————————- 08:00 am
  • UK Time ——————————————————- 13:00 pm

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Expected specifications and features of Mate 40

There has not been revealed much about the specifications and features of the Huawei Mate 40 series. However, this is confirmed that it will use a high-end Kirin chip, and also will be the last phone with this chipset. Further, it is expected that there will be four versions of this mobile that are Mate 40, Mate 40 Pro, and Mate 40 Pro Plus. While the features that are leaked and expected are the following.

Huawei Mate 40 smartphone
  • It will have an invisible in-display selfie camera
  • It will feature a 90Hz Waterfall display
  • Kirin 9000 processors
  • 3D facial recognition

It is also being said that this phone will not be available for the consumers until 2021. So, people will have to wait to get it.


Huawei Mate 40 mobile is all set be unveiled during a virtual event on 22 October 2020. There will be its four versions and the last mobile with Kirin chipset. While for the consumers, it will be available in 2021. To get more updates, and the latest news, stay tuned with us.


Oculus Quest 2: Best VR On The market?

best VR
Over All

Well, the day has finally come. The Oculus Quest 2 has been released into the wild and we now have our first hands-on with Facebook’s newest standalone VR unit. Is this the best VR on the market? Let’s jump right into it and see how the Oculus Quest 2 stacks up against the original and if it’s worth the price of admission.

Why the Oculus Quest 2 has been launched so soon?

The original Quest launched back in May 2019. It’s only been about a year and we are already getting the next iteration in the Quest lineup. So why are we getting a new one already and what makes this unit so different from its predecessor? Well, first off—the price. The Quest 2 is priced at an incredible $299.99. Making it the cheapest standalone VR headset on the market. If you were looking for the right time to jump into VR, fiscally speaking, this would be it. 

Oculus Quest 2

Differences between Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2

Build quality seems to be another big difference between the two. This is probably the reason the Quest 2 is able to compete at such a low price point. Some of the biggest build differences are found in the head strap design. The first Quest offered a rubber strap with a certain weighted feel to it, but the Quest 2 opts for a cheaper fabric design, which, after spending a few hours in, left my forehead feeling uncomfortably numb. It’s worth noting that an Elite strap is available for $49.99 and since I had the opportunity to try it for myself, I can confidently say it’s worth the investment. 

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Another notable design change is the adjustable focal lens toggle switch which has been removed and replaced with an internal snap design on the lens itself. Compared to the original, this is a step in the wrong direction (in my opinion). Add to the list, the lack of dual 3mm head jack ports and I’d have to say this time around had its disappointments but overall no complete deal-breakers. These details are just noticeable if you are coming from the original Quest.

Pros and Cons of Oculus Quest 2


Let’s talk about the pros, and there are certainly a lot of those. Here are the some of its pros.

  • The Quest 2 is 68 grams lighter than the original! Which is much appreciated for all of us suffering from the tiny head syndrome.
  • It also boasts an impressive visual upgrade with a crisp 1832 x 1920 pixel count per eye, compared to 1440 x 1600, that of the original.
  • The processing speed has also been enhanced with the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset.
  • This same chipset is utilized in high-performance smartphones that run around a grand.
  • Reasonable price
  • Incredibly immersive experiences


The biggest drawback (that we MUST talk about) for the Quest 2 is the mandatory Facebook login. You must have an active Facebook profile signed-in to use this device. if you are a bit paranoid about Facebook monitoring your every move, this is probably not the headset for you. Here are the Cons of the Oculus Quest 2.

  • Mandatory Facebook login
  • Extra cost for link cable and strap
  • Low battery backup
  • No dedicated headphones
  • At the launch 90Hz is no available

I, for one, have given up on the whole privacy thing, if they want to spy on me, let them. They will turn the channel pretty quickly boring. 

Quest 2


Games look sharper and run faster than ever before on the Oculus Quest 2. Games like Beat Saber and SuperHot are notable standouts and with a promise to patch games running at 90 Hz in the future, the sky’s the limit on this standalone unit. 

All in all, the Oculus Quest 2 is a welcome upgrade to the original design and quite possibly the best VR entry currently on the market. With titles like The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners and Jurassic Park: Aftermath right around the corner, there has never been a better time to enter the Virtual World. Are you upgrading or finally taking the plunge into VR? Comment below and tell us what you are most excited about with this new release! 

best VR
Oculus Quest 2: Best VR On The market?
Best VR entry currently on the market
The Quest 2 is 68 grams lighter than the original!
Impressive visual upgrade with a crisp 1832 x 1920 pixel count per eye
Mandatory Facebook login
Extra cost for link cable and strap
Low battery backup
No dedicated headphones
At the launch 90Hz is no available
Over All

Apple iPhone 12 Event-Here are All Releases You Would Love To Know

iphone 12

iPhone 12 was the most awaited mobile in the last quarter of 2020. Finally, Apple has released it on 13 October 2020, during Apple iPhone 12 event. The event was a virtual event held online as were the previous events this year amid COVID-19. During the event, the HomePod mini and iPhones 12 were launched with their prices and pre-order dates. Let’s have a detailed look here.

Apple iPhone 12

iPhone 12

iPhone 11 remained the no. 1 smartphone in the world and so is being expected iPhone 12 with its amazing and brilliant features. During Apple iPhone 12 event Mr. Tim said that we put the customers in the center and seek customer satisfaction. So, the new smartphones powered with A14 Bionic chip will take it to the next level. There were four versions of the iPhone 12 announced during the event iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The following are the main things to be discussed.

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  • 5G Connectivity: The important feature of the iPhone 12 is its 5G connectivity. It has partnered with Verizon to use the fastest ever network that puts the iPhone to the next level of technology. It uses Ultra wideband and fetches a download speed of up to 4GBps while the uploading speed up to 200MBps. Hence, it becomes the fastest ever smartphone in the world.
  • Ceramic Shield cover: It is the first smartphone that has the toughest ever glass than any other smartphone that is called a ceramic shield. Eventually, it gives 4 times better drop performance and has fewer chances to be damaged if drops.
  • A14 Bionic Chip: During Apple iPhone 12 event, it was stated that the iPhone 12 possesses its own A14 Bionic chip. It is the faster ever chip in the world with 11.8 billion transistors and 11 trillion operations per second. While the machine learning system in this chip makes it more effective.
Apple iPhone 12 Event-Here are All Releases You Would Love To Know 37 Top10.Digital
  • Mag Safe: Apple does what you can imagine. Now, you can experience a wireless charging system with this new iPhone 12. On the back of the phone, there is a magnetic chip that sticks with the Mag accessories and the mobile starts charging. Mobile charges even faster than the normal method.
  • Faster game streaming: Apple iPhone 12 event also revealed that the new iPhone will give you an immersive gaming experience because of its machine learning, 5G connectivity, and A14 Bionic chip. The event also presented a demo of the popular game League of Legends Wild Rift.
  • High-Quality Camera: During the Apple iPhone 12 event, people also came to know that the new Apple phone has the best ever camera with its dual and triple system. WIth its LiDAR system, it fetches the 87% more low light performance. While recording video, it enables to record HDR video. Also, it supports Dolby’s vision to capture, edit, watch, and share videos.

HomePod Mini

This is another amazing release during the Apple iPhone 12 event that has a tag line of Hi-Speed. HomePod mini is a smart speaker that can be placed anywhere in your home. Also, it can be integrated with Siri, Smart home app, as well as iPhone to use its most effective. It is easy to use as it has a button on its top to control the volume. Here are the key features of this smart mini speaker.

  • It fetches amazing sound quality with an S5 chip and computational audio that optimizes the loudness.
  • It spread the sound on a 360-degrees angle
  • With its dynamic range, it can be connected with your iPhone as well as Homekit
  • When connecting to Siri, you can also search by voice directing it to play music, tell about the weather, or any random question
  • iPhone can be connected by just bringing near to the speakers
  • It can be integrated with the Home app to get a notification where you are. Because it can be placed anywhere with great ease
  • Also, you can use it to lock doors, to set a scene, or to dim the light after integrating with Homekit
  • An important feature is that it can be used as an intercom. You can give instructions or share something with other family members using this.
  • It can recognize the voices of all family members and act upon accordingly.
  • Most importantly, it maintains the privacy and security of the users.

During the Apple iPhone 12 event, it was revealed that the pre-order of HomePod will start from 6 Nov 2020 and will be available for the shipment on 16 Nov 2020. However, the price of the HomePod is $99


During the Apple iPhone 12 event on 13th October, Apple released the iPhone 12 and HomePod mini Speakers. The smart speakers can be integrated with Siri, Smart Home App, and iPhone to use it anywhere in the home. While iPhone 12 is released in four versions with a starting price of $699. For more updates, and the latest news, keep visiting us.