Google Keep-A Free Note-Taking App By Google

Are you a Gmail user? Do you have to make notes frequently? Then you must use Google Keep. Though there are some other software as well as applications like Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, IFTTT (If this then that), and Rescue Time, etc. that have given a huge competition to Keep. However, some of these are paid or have limited free features. But Keep is a free, and minimalist tool that simplifies the process of sharing ideas across multiple devices. This article is all about Keep to know about it deeply.

Overview of Google Keep

Keep is a service developed by Google for taking notes. Initially, it was launched on March 20, 2013, and now it is available for Android, iOS, and web also. It offers multiple ways to take notes including text, lists, images, and audio. While its enhanced features also allow you to extract text from images using Optical Character Recognition Technology. Similarly, your voice notes can also be transcribed and fetch you as editable text. Keep is widely praised for its universal device accessibility and native Integration with Google’s other services.

Why should you use Google Keep?

Well, if you are not using Keep, then I would recommend you to use it. Why should you use Google Keep? There are a lot of reasons and plenty of features that may trigger you to use these amazing services. The following are the main features.

Easy copy or export to Google Docs

Most of us know very well about Google Docs and we frequently use it. So, the huge benefit of this service is that you can copy or export your notes to Google Doc quite easily. While the best part is, you can do this in-app without opening the new one. Follow the following steps to export Keep notes into Google Doc.

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  1. Select the item you want to save in Google Doc
  2. Click on the three dots showing on that selected subject
  3. Choose the option Copy to Google Doc
  4. The notification will appear telling you the document is saved as well as you will find a new notification with the Google Docu link

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Similarly, you can also import Keep notes while working in Google Doc by clicking on the Keep icon.

Easy sharing with others

Another great feature of Keep is that it allows easy notes sharing directly with other users. For the purpose, you don’t need to go through the typical share menu as you see in other programs. Just select the item you want to share and choose the person’s icon to whom you want to share. But remember, it will appear as if you have already share something with him. While, for the first time, you just need to enter his email address and it will be shared.

Moreover, the important part is that it works like a collaborator. It means, if you make any changes it will be visible to all users. While the creator or owner of that item can revoke access anytime.

Extract text from images

Google Keep can extract text from images also while using Optical Character Recognition Technology. So, in Google Keep, you can now all text on the images. To do this, just select an uploaded image, and then click on the three dots menu. From the list select Grab Image Text. Once you will select this option, Google Keep will extract the text from the image and will fetch as searchable as well as editable text.

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Convert voice notes into editable text

Well, Google Keep works as your stenographer or assistant too. It happens sometimes that a sudden wave passes through your brain and you come up with a great idea. But, you have nothing to write and eventually, forget that idea. So, Keep is there to solve your such issue. Just speak whatever you have thought and Keep will fetch your voice into editable text. This feature can be greatly helpful for journalists, and interviewers.


Google Keep is a great free service by Google that allows you to take notes either by text, images, or voice notes. Also, it transcribed your voice notes into editable texts. Similarly, it can extract text from images to make it editable and searchable. So, start using this Google service, and enjoy its exciting features. For more such amazing free software, stay tuned with us.

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