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How To Find Out What Google Knows About You?

Google is the most popular search engine in the world as well as a website. There are almost 7 billion daily searches on it. Moreover, it is going to touch a figure of 10 trillion searches per year very soon. Apart from this, Google is the most visited site on the planet Earth and has over a billion users per month. These stats are enough to know the importance of Google in our lives. Also, undoubtedly, Google has made a lot of things easier for you. However, the questions arise; does it track your activities? How to find what Google knows about you? Can you delete the existing information on Google and refrain from getting further information in the future?

TOP10.DIGITAL has answers to all your above questions. Let’s explore it in detail.

What Google knows about you?

Google not just tracks your searches on the internet but it also records your physical activities. Here is a list that Google knows about you.

  • Personal info
  • Web and App activity
  • Location History (also places you visit)
  • YouTube Activities
  • Emails (shopping and purchase)

How to check Google recorded activities?

Well, to check your activities, you will have to log in to your Google account first. Then you will have to go to your Google account page. If you are already signed in or you are a chrome user then follow the following steps to go on the account page.

  • Click on the image showing in the right corner of your browser. Once you click it, you will see a pop-up screen of your account.

How To Find Out What Google Knows About You? 1 Top10.Digital

  • After seeing this screen click on the “Manage Your Google Account” tab which I have outlined in the above image. It will take you to the Google Account Page.

Access Google Account Page

Personal Info

Well, to see what your personal information Google has, click on the ‘Personal Info” tab in the left corner of your Google Account page. It will show the following screen and your information.

Personal Info on Google

These are your personal information Google has. But the irony is you can’t hide these.

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Web and App activity

  • Google records all your search activities. So, to see your these activities click on the Data & Personalization tab right under the personal info tab on Google Account page.

Data & personalization

Under the Activity control option, Google records all your activities.

  • Click: Manage your activity control to see what your info Google has stored. It will take you to the following screen.

Activity control

  • Again click on the Manage Activity button, which I have outlined in the above image. It will take you to the following screen.

Recorded searches

This screen shows what I have searched or visited a website today. Similarly, you can see this data of any duration.

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Similarly, you can check your YouTube and Location history by following the above steps.

How to delete or turn off activities?

There are two ways to delete these activities. Google deletes your activities after 18 months, but you can go faster than it.

    1. Auto delete (after 3 months)
    2. Manual delete and turn off for future

Auto Delete

On the Activity Control page, click on the Auto delete button right above Manage Activity. Once you click it will show you the following screen.

Set auto delete option

After that, select the first option and then click the Next button to confirm it. Hence, Google will automatically delete your activities after 3 months. You can set this option for all activities.

Manual delete what Google knows about you

Well, for this process you will have to go to Manage Activity page following the above procedure. There will be the following screen.

delete all activities on Google

On the top, you will find filter by date and product. Click on this option and choose the dates of your choice, select all products, and after applying delete all your activities on Google.

How to turn off

Again go to the activity control page and there is a blue button just turn it off.

Turn off history

Similarly, repeat the process for YouTube and Location history too. Hence Google will no longer keep records, but it will still track you.

TOP10.DIGITAL recommends you if you are using Google Home and Assistant apps then don’t turn off all activities. Because it will affect the functionality of these apps. Otherwise, turn it off. But you still can’t say that you have complete privacy from Google.

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