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Video calling was once a great feature for remote dealing i.e interviewing someone or finalizing a business deal. Therefore, Skype enjoyed great popularity for a period. However, after the arrival of the cloud meeting platform like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, it lost its popularity. Because both platforms were more compatible and have many advanced features. While after the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud meetings are replacing the physical meeting. Even Google has also introduced its cloud meeting platform. However, TOP10.DIGITAL will discuss Microsoft Teams vs Zoom in this article.

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What is Zoom?

Zoom is the leader of the cloud meetings since its launch. A Chinese American billionaire software engineer Eric Yuan founded this amazing software in 2011. Moreover, it is easy to use applications and has over 12.92 billion monthly active users.

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Also, it has introduced many features with the passage of time to make it more useful. In April 2019, Zoom go public and in 2020, it has over $46 billion value.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft is a giant in the world of technology. MS Teams a video calling, meeting, and a file-sharing application is their project. Also, they own the first popular free video calling application Skype. Seeing the trend and popularity of Zoom, Microsoft also stepped into the cloud meeting. Resultantly, in 2017, they released Microsoft Teams.

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Just after three years of its release, MS Teams have earned great popularity. It has now over 12 million active users daily. Also, it is its credibility that we are talking about Microsoft Team vs Zoom within three years.

Together Mode in MS Teams

Microsoft Team Vs Zoom, Comparison

MS Teams and Zoom both are the biggest rivals in the market. Therefore, they are evolving and adding new features every other day to carry the day. At the top level both have almost similar features. However, there are very few features that can sway your mind either way.

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But it is also a matter of fact that whenever we think about cloud meeting; the first thought that comes in our mind is about Zoom. However, here in this table, you can compare the features of both.

Microsoft TeamsZoom
Can’t be integrated with Google Calendar (natively integrated with Outlook Calendar)Can be integrated with Google Calendar
Can’t join a meeting with SIP devicesCan join meeting with SIP devices
Compatible with Windows and mac (Linux is possible but it need some terminal experience)Compatible with windows, mac and Linux also
Customer Support is online, and knowledge basedCan be called on phone also
Does not annotate shared contentAnnotates shared content
End-to-end securityRole based security
Good for an internal meeting in a company for extra added securityGood for external meeting or presentations
It is complex to useZoom is very easy to use
It is integrated with MS Office 365Zoom is not integrated yet but supports outlook
No local recording (only cloud)It has local recording
price $5 per monthPrice is $14.99 per month
Supports MS Edge and Google Chrome browserPrefers Google Chrome browser
Supports up to 300 participantssupports up to 1000 participants
Up to 49 videos display on screenAlso supports 49 videos

MS Teams and Zoom which is better?

Both application Softwares are the best in their capacity. Microsoft Teams is the most reliable to use for the internal meetings as it integrates with Office365. While Zoom is a more useful external meeting with clients. MS Teams is working hard to introduce new and innovative features. Therefore, it has now integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud. Hence both are great for the users.

TOP10.DIGITAL expresses that neither Zoom is bad nor MS Teams. If you are an organization, then go for MS Teams as it is very secure. While if you are an individual or want to deal with external clients then go with Zoom.

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