Playstation 5 News Gamers would Love to Hear

TOP10.DIGITAL has a piece of news regarding PlayStation 5 that every gamer would love to hear.

  • Sony is planning to increase the PlayStation 5 production to up to 10 million units. 
  • The reason to increase its production is because of Coronavirus Pandemic more people are spending their time indoors. 

playstation 5

People who are already following news regarding Sony Playstation 5 have gone through the rumors that Sony will be starting their Pre-orders this week. As, well as they are already aware of the fact that the production of PS5 will be limited. Hence, pre-ordering the console will be the only viable option to get their hands on PS5 before Christmas Holidays.

Interesting News on PlayStation 5

There are ongoing rumors that PlayStation 5 will be launched around November yet there has been no official announcement from Sony. There also rumors stating that Sony has increased the production of PS5 up to 10 million. While Microsoft is going to host an event for X box series X soon.

During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, there were speculations that the launch of PlayStation 5 may get delayed to the next year. But, as the pandemic has started to move away from Asia and into other Continents suppliers have started to work on the production of the consoles. Sony made it clear during the live event of PS5 that the launch won’t be delayed and would take place as planned.

As per the reports from Nikkei Asian Review, Sony has increased the production of PS5 by up to 50%. From the planned production of 6 million to 10 million units. Also, Facebook is looking forward to increasing its production of Oculus units. As it predicts growth of at least 50% more from the early prediction.

This report suggests that due to the coronavirus health crisis, people have been consuming more entertainment and gaming. As most people stayed indoors during the crisis demand for entertainment and gaming products have seen a surge. Though, some gamers may delay their purchase of PlayStation 5 up to next year due to the on-going economical recession. But there are also high chances that people would still buy the next-gen console irrespective of the pandemic.

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