Ikea Trådfri – A Good And Affordable Smart Home Setup

The world is transforming rapidly to become a digital world. Once one can just imagine controlling the lights, curtains, and other appliances while laying in the bed. But the development and progress in technology have made it possible. Now, we are seeing fully smart homes in the world that are being controlled digitally. Here TOP10.DIGITAL is bringing you an affordable and good smart home system, Ikea Trådfri.

ikea trådfri system

What is Ikea Trådfri?

Ikea is a famous Swedish company established in 1943. While Ikea Trådfri was their first major step towards IoT when they introduced it in 2017. Moreover, this system is budget-friendly and alternative to other complex smart home setups. Electric blinds, smart lighting, and wi-fi speakers are the major smart products of it.

Further, the Swedish Furniture giant introduced this system for those customers who maybe are not convenient with the other complex smart gadgets. It became more user friendly when Ikea added a voice control system in it.

Electric Blind or Ikea Curtains

Ikea curtains
Image Credit: ikea.com

In modern days, it is a pinnacle to raise the windows curtains with the dawn and lower with dusk. However, technology has brought an ease in your life and so Ikea with the smart electric curtains. They are offering one of the affordable smart curtains in the market.

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Ikea Trådfri Smart Ligting

Ikea Tradfri lighting system
Image Credit: ikea.ocm

Managing lights is also one of the needs of the hour and sometimes it also irritates you so much. There were lighting systems like Philips Hue and Hive Active Lights but these are a bit expensive. Ikea has introduced its smart light system in 2017 at a cheaper rate in the market.

These lights can also be controlled using a remote as well as the app. Moreover, you can dim the lights, make their color change as well as change the warmth and brightness.

Apart from this, you can switch on and off the rights while laying in your bed. Moreover, there is no need for Wi-fi to start working these lights and very easy to set up. Ikea Smart light system supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit as well. While there are motion sensors that can detect movement up to 5m. The life of bulbs is up to 25000 hours.

Ikea Tradfri Remote controller

Ikea Smart Wi-Fi Speakers

Ikea smart speaker

This is another amazing product of Ikea and a contribution to make smart homes. Ikea has created these wi-fi speakers with the collaboration of Sonos. These can provide you the best and sweet range of sound with a table lamp and bookshelf speakers.

These speakers can be connected to wi-fi and can manage the sounds in your home. Also, you can use two identical speakers if you want stereo sound and that you can connect as many speakers as you want to create a multiroom system.

Trådfri Gateway and app

To get the best result out of Ikea Tradfri, you must have Tradfri Gateway. Moreover, this gateway connects the smart Ikea gadgets with the Tradfri app as well as Amazon Alexa.

You will have to connect this gateway to your router over an Ethernet cable and then Tradfri Android or iOS app will do the remaining job.

Moreover, the Tradfri app gives you a lot of exciting options. For example, you can make the group of lights installed in a specific room. Later, it will save you a lot of time if you replace these lights. Similarly, you can set timer also to manage these gadgets.

Why should buy Ikea Trådfri?

The smart products by Ikea have come on in leaps and bounds. These are very easy to set up and affordable smart gadgets. Moreover, it is compatible with Homekits like Apple, and Google Home Assistance. Also, it has not much complex functionality like other systems i. e Philips Hue and Hive Active Lights. You can buy these gadgets from the official Ikea site.

In the end, TOP10.DIGITAL recommends that if you want to get an entry in the world of the smart home then use Ikea Tradfri products. Moreover, it is compatible with more accessories than Philips Hue. Not all the accessories are compatible with Philips Hue.


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