Halo Infinite: Most Expensive Game of All Time – Next Generation – Is it Worth 500 million dollars?

Halo Infinite: Most Expensive Game of All Time - Next Generation - Is it Worth 500 million dollars? 1 Top10.Digital

On 23rd July Microsoft and 343 Industries revealed the trailer of Halo Infinite and first look at the gameplay. And as stated in our one of the older posts that Halo fans were so excited for this game. Halo Infinite: Most Expensive Game of All Time - Next Generation - Is it Worth 500 million dollars? 2 Top10.Digital

However, even the things didn’t turn out too well for the Halo Fans, Microsoft and 343 Industries. As and the gameplay finished the initial way of a hype started to decrease. And many Twitteratis went on to point out the game’s fidelity. Though, few screenshots have been going viral not because it showcases the power of Xbox Series X but how underperforming it is.

You can go through the Halo: Infinite’s trailer here.

Halo: Infinite to be the Most Expensive Game ever

There are so many rumors that Halo Infinite’s budget was a staggering $500 million, hence making it the most expensive video game project ever produced, but there is no evidence regarding the same. And the trailer revealed an impressive visual and landscape which led some to question whether Halo: Infinite will be the first open world in the franchise. Halo didn’t receive a reaction as per the expectations of 343 Industries. And it failed to achieve the standards expected by both critics and fans.

If you have been following the news, you may have noticed that Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins one of the most famous streamer has left Twitch because he started to stream on Mixer (Owned by Microsoft). Joining the dots tells us that Ninja was once a Halo pro player, and that it could be Microsoft’s Halo marketing strategy.

Halo: Infinite a Next-Generation Video Game

However, it seems like Microsoft has a Halo “Infinite” problem. So the Halo Infinite’s long-awaited campaign debut didn’t go as planned. And as already stated above that some were disappointed by the reveal, while others didn’t spare mocking it. As per the gameplay, it gave a new vibe and it is honestly good. Breaking from Bungie’s 20-year-old template because it is more in favor of a more modern open-world direction. But it somewhat creates the Halo 1 vibe.

Besides Microsofts showcasing the real gameplay from an in-development build rather than using cinematics is admirable. But it seems fans expected more on the graphics and texture side. Microsoft has spent two years creating hype over the Xbox Series X’s flagship launch title because it was to meant to boldly usher the power of the next-generation console.

So here you can check out the gameplay of Halo: Infinite

Is Halo: Infinite Worth $500 Million

So, as we have already covered above that there are rumors that 343 industries and Microsoft have collectively spent $500 million on the development of Halo: Infinite. And there have been expensive shooter games in the past like Destiny, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 spending huge money in the development but none of them were above $300 million, which makes Halo 6 an exception.

Accordingly, it may be true because Halo 6 is rumored to be an open-world game, which makes it costlier than Red Dead Redemption 2. And another reason could be due to the title releasing on a multitude of platforms including Microsoft Console: Xbox Scarlett, Project Xcloud, and PC. And maybe all the problems that led down the expectations of the fans be removed or improved. Because it is creating a bad impression on the whole Xbox Series X and disappointing the fans. Consequently, when the game launches by the end of the year with both the modes – Campaign and Multiplayer may have been improved. And eventually, it may get delayed to the huge disappointment among the fans beyond its “Holiday 2020” release window.