Crysis Remastered Releasing Soon in 8K

Crysis Remastered has already been released in Nintendo Switch. This might make you assume that more powerful consoles and modern PCs should have no trouble in handling the notoriously resource-hungry game. Maybe not so much if you’re hoping to play Crysis Remastered at 8K resolution.

crysis remastered releasing soon

The cutting-edge trailer indicates a side-by-side assessment of the remastered version and the 2007 original. The remaster’s new graphics appearance is beautiful so far. There are reflections inside the water, and there are greater details and color in some of the lush regions in the game to make it much less dark and gritty. You can go through the trailer here.

Along with a release date, Crytek and co-developer Saber Interactive unleashed a trailer that shows off the Crysis remastered technical capabilities. It will encompass 8K resolution, HDR, motion blur, more mild settings, gyro movement, and updated particle effects to name a few. Crytek says its CryEngine tech can help software-primarily based ray tracing on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

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Flashback on Crysis

Crysis originally released in 2007 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Even 10 years later, the game’s high-end hardware requirement became a meme in the gaming network. And a benchmark for gamers seeking to see how effective their PC builds are. Crysis Remastered launched for the Switch in July. Still, there are some trade-offs as pointed out by others, like occasional drops in resolution to 540p or lower, plus element on materials and surfaces had been dialed back.

Crysis Remastered Now

Crysis Remastered can also faucet into Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards for hardware-based totally ray tracing on PC. So, the old gag of “but can it run Crysis?” is still very much at play here. As you’ll need a powerful PC to get the maximum out of the remaster. Crysis Remastered, which dropped on Switch the last month, is coming to the Epic Games Store, PS4, and Xbox One on September 18th. It’ll cost $30.