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Microsoft Teams New Features Introduced Called Advanced Communication

We have just experienced an era of cloud meetings as well as work from home. Moreover, these cloud meetings have produced good results and have a huge tendency for future use. Therefore, technology giants have started to invest in this. Previously, Zoom was the king in this regard. However, Microsoft has also started bringing innovative ideas to compete Zoom. So, Microsoft Teams new features are out and are being called advanced communications.

Microsoft Teams new feature

What new features Microsoft has introduced? TOP10.DIGITAL is writing here about all those exciting updates.

Advanced Communications new features

Microsoft is constantly bringing new features and ideas to grab the market. Also, they are challenging now Zoom with its versatility. They are perfectly exploiting the customer’s needs to give a hard time to Zoom. The new features Microsoft has introduced are the following.

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  • Participants up to 20,000: Microsoft Teams now allow you to reach a relatively bigger audience. Either they are your employees, customers, or partners you can connect with them for a meeting. While 1,000 members can participate actively in an interactive meeting. However, then there will be a view-only mode.
  • Better admin control: Microsoft Teams new features now enable you to control things in a better way as an admin. Now you can add branding of your company in the meetings. Hence the meeting will look more professional. While in the next month, they are going to start branded meetings lobby.
  • 1 to one Calling Feature: This one is another stellar feature that enables users to contact one to one. Moreover, two employees of the same organization can call each other without having their cell number. Hence they can connect quite easily with a cloud-based phone system. However, you will have to get Microsoft Teams phone.
MS TEams
Left: AudioCodes C435HD (Microsoft Teams phone), Right: Yealink MP50 (USB phone).

Is it free to use?

Microsoft Teams is not totally free to use. However, they have offered a 60-day free trial. You can enjoy its free trial but then you will have to get a paid subscription.

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