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Tron Cryptocurrency-Here Is All You Need To Know

We are living in a digital era where the power of the internet can change your financial status. There are a lot of services and businesses you can offer or invest in while sitting in your bedroom. So, cryptocurrency is also one of the other options to trade. It is also worth mentioning that these days cryptocurrencies are getting huge coverage. So, TOP10.DIGITAL has started to bring details about popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, and Ripple, etc. Today we are going to write about Tron Cryptocurrency.

What is Tron Cryptocurrency?

Tron is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology to build free digital content entertainment system. Moreover, it also uses distributed storage technology and hence shares the content with ease and low cost. While its cryptocurrency is Tronix and its symbol is “TRX”. Tron cryptocurrency bridges the gap between content creators and content consumers as it eliminates the middleman. It provides an opportunity for everyone to host content on the Tron platform and receive direct payments from the consumers.

Tron Cryptocurrency

Who created the Tron TRX coin?

A Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun is the man behind the creation of the TRX Tron cryptocurrency in 2017. Justin was the CEO of the non-profit organization Tron Foundation Singapore. Initially, Tron collected $70 million by offering TRX coins. However, China outlawed digital tokens and TRX progress was halted. Further, they created it with zero transaction fee and its speed is 2000 transactions per second.

Accusation on Tron Cryptocurrency

Since the creation of the TRX coin, it has received a lot of allegations. The major allegation was that Tron has plagiarized the content. Researchers said that Tron has derived the content from EthereumJ that was the first-ever Ethereum library. Moreover, researchers discovered multiple instances depicting Tron has copied the source code. Further, they also received an allegation of violating GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0. However, Tron denied all these accusations, and later in 2018, they switched its protocol to an independent peer-to-peer network.

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What is the price of Tron TRX Crypto?

Tron Cryptocurrency took a start in 2017, so the all-time low price was in that year. It was $0.00180434 three years ago in Nov 2017. However, it started showing positive signs and reached $0.231673 in Jan 2018, in a span of just over a month. Again, it experienced a downfall and now its price is $0.026502 USD. But it is to mention that its 24 hours trading volume is $815,871,659.

How to buy Tron Cryptocurrency?

Well, you can buy Tron TRX form any regular cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase and Binance, etc. Firstly, you will have to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin after depositing the flat money. Then you can use these BTC, ETH, or LTC to buy TRX from a platform like Binance. Then you can import that TX to your wallet.

TRon TRX coins


Cryptocurrencys are grabbing a lot of attention worldwide especially after the corona pandemic. Therefore, if you are intended to trade then you can consider Tron cryptocurrency. Because TRX is a low price currency as compared to others. To know more about cryptocurrencies, stay tuned with TOP10.DIGITAL.

You can also visit official website of Tron by clicking here.

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