SEO Tips: How To Reduce Bounce Rate?

What if a customer finds an item of his need from your store and immediately leaves it after examining it? Surely, it is a matter of disappointment. Also, you will feel an embarrassment. Similarly, there is a case for your website or blog. If a user searches something on Google and then finds your website but after visiting the page immediately leaves it. Such action by the user harms your website’s ranking very badly. While in technical language, we call it the bounce rate. How you can reduce this? TOP10.DIGITAL has come here with a sound solution. Just read the article and follow it, you will find it very helpful.

Reduce Bounce rate
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What is the bounce rate?

The above lines may have not explained the term well. Therefore, have a look here what exactly bounce rate is. It is a percentage of users who visited your site but decided to leave it. Moreover, they left your site either by clicking the back button, closing the window or tab, or typing a new URL. While your website hosting may also play a role to increase the bounce rate if it remains down frequently.

What is the average bounce rate in 2020?

Average users retention on a page in 2020 is between 41% to 55%. Anything above 55% is not good for a site. However, the bounce rate varies from industry to industry. Here is an overview for you.

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80% and above is very bad
70 to 80% is poor
50 to 70% is average
30 to 50% is excellent

how to reduce bounce rate

While 20% or below is exceptional but it could be due to tracking error as well.

What is the impact of a high bounce rate?

Before proceeding further, it is important to know the impact of a high bounce rate on a site. In clear words, I would say that a higher bounce rate means your website does not have the content that you pretends to have. Also, it means you are not able to convince or engage a user. Therefore, search engines like Google demote your site or it may go out of the search. Why Google should show your site when it does not fulfill the needs of a user? So, you should always engage your audience with quality content.

How to reduce the bounce rate?

Well, to fix this issue of bounce rate, first you should know which pages have a higher rate using Google analytics. Then fix the issues of those pages. There are several ways to reduce the rate. However, the following five are the most effective.

  1. User Experience UX: If your website has a better user experience then visitors will stay for a longer time. While user experience means your website layout should be pleasing, navigation should be easy and no unnecessary notifications there.
  2. Loading Speed: If your website is slow and it loads at a slow speed then it can irritate your visitors. So, there are chances that visitors can leave your site. Eventually, it will increase the bounce rate. Therefore, work on this factor and you will feel the difference.
  3. Add Video in the content: Videos in the content can engage your audience and hence can increase their stay on the page. Therefore, add videos in your content to reduce the bounce rate.
  4. Add Relevant images: Relevant images in your content can attract users a lot. Moreover, these images can divert the attention of visitor if the feel it boring. Hence images can help you a lot to reduce the bounce rate.
  5. Easy to read content: If your content is relevant but it is not readable or is not easy to read then it can force users to leave your site. Therefore, the content should be users friendly as well as fonts with readable theme colors.


TOP10.DIGITAL has recommended the above five factors to follow. If you add these factors to your site, then it will have a low bounce rate. Moreover, stay tuned to get more SEO tips.