Google Phone App-Know Why Businesses Are Calling You?

Are you fed up picking the calls of the unknown? Do you know that who is calling you for why? If your answers to these two questions are yes then cheer up. You are going to get rid off such situations now. With Google Phone App, now you can know why business is calling you.

What is Google Phone app?

The phone app is the dialer of your android phone. It is the app that has all the features like searching a contact, contact manager and all-around phone toolkit. However, this app is now going to revolutionize the world. The users will now be able to know the purpose of a call. Similarly, they get a choice to pick a call or not.

Google Phone App-Know Why Businesses Are Calling You? 1 Top10.DigitalWhat is the new Android update?

The new update of the Android Google phone app will tell why a business entity is calling you. To know this you don’t need to pick the call. However, you will receive a text description on your phone. The Android Police has discovered this new support page. Now they explored it further and get details of the feature “verified calls”.

How does Google Phone App work?

Well, the businesses that are on Google and have gone through and passed Google verification procedure will use this feature. As they will call you you will find a text message on your calling screen. This message shows the purpose of their calling. For example, the message would be like, “Get Pizza at discounted rates” or “interest-free loan”. Hence, the call receiver would know the purpose of their calling and can decide accordingly either to pick the call or not.

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However, you will not enjoy this facility if you have not added your mobile number to your Google account. Moreover, it also would not work if you don’t have Google Phone App in your mobile. The problem is that it is not compatible with many devices including Samsung.

Is this app collect private data?

Well, this can be a matter of concern that either this app gathers data or not. But Google assures you it will never collect identifiable information. So, it is safe to use.


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