Philips Hue A Best But An Expensive Smart Lighting System

Philips Hue A Best But An Expensive Smart Lighting System 1 Top10.Digital

Is it pinnacle for you to turn lights on and off again and again? If your answer is a yes then cheer up now. Because TOP10.DIGITAL has brought a solution for you. In this era where the world is heading towards digitization, it should be no more a pinnacle. Philips Hue is one of the best ever smart and digital lighting systems that can solve your problems to manage your home lights. Let’s explore it further.


What is Philips Hue?

Philips Hue A Best But An Expensive Smart Lighting System 2 Top10.Digital

Well, the Philips Hue is a bar or line of LED lamps that change the color as well as white bulbs. Moreover, these bulbs are controlled wirelessly. It is also worth mentioning that these were the first wi-fi bulbs in the market. Currently, Signify N.V is creating and manufacturing these bulbs. It was the Philips Light division of Royal Philips N. V.

Operating Modes

Philips Hue A Best But An Expensive Smart Lighting System 3 Top10.Digital
Philips hue Hub Gen 2

Since 2019, these bulbs are also available with the Bluetooth. However, before this, Philips Hue bridge was necessary to operate these. Now, you just need to install a Hue App an connect using both options, Bluetooth or WIFI while the hub is connected to the router (home network) so you can start controlling the lights using Philips Hue App. Moreover, Philips stop supporting the Hub Gen 1 and only continue to support the 2nd generation.

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Apart from this, Hue has now become the best-connected smart home lighting system. It works with just about every smart home platform you can think of.

Accessories of Philips Hue

There are a lot of accessories with these lights. However, the latest addition of play HDMI sync box and the smart plug has made it something beyond the lights. Here you can find the most important and useful one.

Play HDMI Sync Box

Play HDMI Sync Box accessories

Have you ever imagined to sync your lights with your TV screen? Yes? No? Or maybe your answer can be a mix of both. But using Play HDMI Sync Box with Philips Hue you can experience it. There are four HDMI inputs that allow you to connect your Hue setup with the media devices. Resultantly, you can have a great seamless display of your lights.

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

This motion sensor eases your pinnacle a lot. Because it automates your lighting system and also can adjust time of the day. Also, it is very easy to install and you can do it without any support of mount. Moreover, once you walk in the room, it detects the movement and turns on the lights. Similarly, when you leave the room again it turns off the light.

Philips Hue Tap

Controller hue tap

This switch is unique because it does not require any battery. Moreover, it is a wireless controller that manages your lights and bulbs to enhance the brightness or warmth. This gadget has a kinetic design so it needs no battery. Also, it is portable and you can place anywhere and can program your lights with its four buttons.

Hue Dimmer Switch

Hue Dimmer Switch

Hue Dimmer Switch enables you to control and dim your lights. Moreover, it is very to install and also can be used as a remote controller too. You can place it with its included adhesive to walls. To use it as a remote you can displace it from its magnet base. Hence it gives you the luxury to control your lights without any pinnacle.

Smart Plug

Smart plug with hue lights

The latest addition in Hue accessories is a Smart Plug. It enables you to add any light into the hue system without any hassle or wire. Simply you need to connect a light with this plug and you are able to control it with the Hue app or Bluetooth.

Is it worth buying Philips Hue

This smart light system is extremely amazing and can give an immersive lighting experience. Moreover, it is very easy to use and even beginner can also use. Apart from this, it is convenient and compatible with almost every system. Therefore, if you have a budget then you must buy this smart lighting system.

At TOP10.DIGITAL we recommend you that if money is not an issue for you then must get this lighting system. It is the smoothest color transition and variant in the market today but it is most expensive too

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