Open Office – Free Alternative to Microsoft Office

Open Office is the first legitimate free competitor to Microsoft Office, although it has gathered the spotlight in recent years for alternatives like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

The Apache open-source software includes a word processing (Write), a spreadsheet (Calc), presentation (Impress), and database management (Base) programs.

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About Apache Open Office

Apache Open Office works with most Microsoft formats including DOCX, XLS, PPT, and XML. It’s free for use on a Windows platform, Mac, and Linux.

The interface of Open Office is similar to Microsoft Office 2003. The interface still had the same old school menu and toolbar. It would be great for users who still love the decade-old Microsoft UI but may take time for users who are familiar with the tabbing around documents and spreadsheets program.

By default, it uses the Open Document standard for the original word files, but you can change it and save it in Microsoft word format. And can read and write any file Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. It works perfectly most of the time, even with complex formatted documents such as your resumes and multi-column newsletters. Sometimes, you may encounter some problems like removing all embedded images from a Word doc. But they typically require only minor tweaks to correct. You can also export files in PDF format from all the three programs – Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

The difference between Apache Open Office and Microsoft suite is in the collaboration. Tight integration of MS Office with Outlook and One Drive allows you to easily share and work on files with others without leaving the respective programs. It supports features such as document review comments and track-changes, but do not have the support for cloud storage or email program. It does, however, offer an extension that lets you connect to dozens of third-party cloud storage providers including Google Drive.

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Prominent Features of Open Office

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Suite is amazing.
  • Similar Microsoft Office Interface.

Features that are Missing in Open Office

  • Cloud Storage and Online Support.
  • Application for Mobile

Open Office Works Best for:

Users who need Microsoft Office Suite format and have no problem with an old interface. Open Office has all the comprehensive formatting options and functions one needs. Though the backdrop is that it doesn’t have collaborating options and cloud storage.

You can download Apache Open Office from here.

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