iMovie Video Editor A Free Video Editing Software

iMovie Video Editor is one of the top YouTube free Video Editing Software.

Standard iMovie standby comes packaged with Mac OS. Moreover. as compare to other local Apple software, iMovie is straightforward. Also, it uses a basic drag-and-drop design to transfer data from your drives to your workspace. Further, it is a simple way to create big videos to improve your YouTube marketing strategies.

iMovie’s primary benefit is that it stores data on Apple’s server. Also, it ensures that you can operate in your project synonymously on your iPhone, iPad, or Laptop. iMovie is always modified as well, so you can still focus on new features and functionality.

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Functionalities of iMovie Video Editor:

  • It has a 4 K resolution help, enabling consumers to make better videos.
  • Similarly, the Cloud computing feature helps you to collaborate on the same project from your iPad, iPhone, and Mac.
  • Zillions of top-notch studio title visuals for great-looking credits.
  • Classy; modern video processes tailored to specific film genres; such as European and science-fiction.
  • Integrated-in soundtracks; background music; also voice-over audio so that your audio and image editing are always unified.

Available for MAC only.
Cost: Free

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