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Lightworks Video Editing Software For Free 9 Top10.Digital

Do you know about Lightworks video editing software? It seems to be another top free video editing software. Moreover, it is one of the most excellent video editors on the list. Also, it is full of helpful features. For most consumers, the free edition will be more than enough. While Pro edition costs around 30$ a month.

Although most apps are available, however, 4 K resolution support for YouTube and Vimeo is only for the paid edition of the software.

Further, Lightworks has several excellent video guides that will make things easier to get up and to go. So, this software can help you to edit the videos with great ease.

Lightworks Video Editing Software For Free 10 Top10.Digital
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  • Lightworks video editing software has a high-performance video trimming.
  • Promote for Multicam.
  • You can export to 720p for YouTube.
  • A broad range of licensed file formats.
  • Pros: powerful video editing with several advanced tools.
  • Cons: 4 K camera content is only included in a premium version. Some users may find Lightworks too advanced to perform.
  • Best for All-round video editing on the desktop.

Lightworks Video Editing Software For Free 12 Top10.Digital

Available on Windows, Linux, MAC.
Cost: Free for most users and premium package for professionals.

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