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OpenShot is the greatest and easy to use free video editing software for learners. Moreover, It is very convenient to use.  Also, the UI of OpenShot makes it a perfect video editing software for learners. Although more advanced software can provide more editing elements, however, OpenShot’s simplistic software and streamlined interface are ideal for quick editing.

Moreover, it is also to mention here that this amazing free video editing software has an amazing user interface. Therefore, most users find it very easy to use. Also, there are not many complexities.

Also, it is a practical choice for small companies. Furthermore, it is ideally useful for re-sizing clips, scaling, trimming, clipping, and rotating. It also provides credit scrolling, frame stage, process tracking, sound editing, and real-time overview.

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  • Limitless levels of watermarks, and audio files
  • Personalized models for title-card
  • Drag-and – drop performance for easy addition of video, audio, or image files
  • The digital film features are light, gamma, contrast, grayscale, and color keys for eco-screen functions.
  • Robust key point animation technology for making visual content

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Available for Windows, MAC, Linux.
Cost: Free accessibility.
Link: The link to download is here