Android 11 Go That Launches Apps Faster

Android 11 Go has been launched to load the apps faster for the low-powered mobiles. Before proceeding further, let me ask a couple of questions. Do you use an Android phone? Does your Android phone have low RAM as much as 2 GB? Is your phone launching the apps slower? If your answer to all these questions is yes then Go Edition of Android 11 is for you. TOP10.DIGITAL has brought you all the details about this Android version.

What is Android 11 Go?

Google launched Android 11 on September 8, 2020, for various pixels devices as well as some mobile phones. Later on Sep 10, they also released its counterpart Go edition for low powered low RAM mobiles. They claimed that GO Edition will launch the apps 20 percent faster than the existing android version you have on your phone.

Android 11 Go edition

On which phones Go Android 11 will work?

The best part of the Go Edition is that it will work on the devices possessing 2 GB or less RAM. It is a bump from Android 10 Go Edition that used to be work on the devices with 1.5 GB or less RAM. But it is not necessary that the Android 11 Go Edition will be updated on the existing devices. However, it will be available in the new devices with 2GB or less RAM. SO, the devices can perform faster.

Will Google update Go Edition in the existing phones?

Well, Google has not yet revealed any example of mobiles that will be updated to Go Edition. However, they said that it also depends on OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) whether they want to put Go edition in the devices or not. Further, if you have a mobile that has been updated to Android 11 Go Edition then use its a lot of exciting new features as well as faster operation.


Android 11 Go can make your mobile faster if it is with a RAM that is 2 GB or less. Google has not confirmed either existing phones will be updated or not. Though the new phones will possess it. Therefore, stay tuned with TOP10.DIGITAL to know more about Go Edition.

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