Always Home Cam-A Small Drone By Ring To Monitor Inside Home

Are you worried about your home security? Do you want to monitor every place of your home? Always Home Cam is a solution there for you. Now you can keep on those places that your fixed cameras can monitor. This small drone made by Ring enables you to get an enhanced security standard of your Home. Here we are writing down all the necessary details about it for you.

What is Always Home Cam?

It is an autonomous drone camera that flies inside your home and even to those rooms you want to monitor when you are not at home. While the best is after flying, it returns to its dock to charge the battery. Though the drone is fully automated yet owner can assign it a path to follow. Moreover, it can fly from room to room and monitor all your stuff. Hence it provides the best level of security as you can check a specific area as well whether you left any window open or any check for any other movement.

Always Home Cam

How does Ring Drone Cam work?

The idea behind manufacturing this cam was to monitor the home without installing multiple cameras. In an interview, Ring’s founder and chief inventor Jamie Siminoff said.

The idea behind the Always Home Cam is to provide multiple viewpoints throughout the home without requiring the use of multiple cameras. The company has spent the past two years on focused development of the device, and that it is an obvious product that is very hard to build.

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When you get your first device, you need to build a map of your home in it that will be followed by this drone carried cam later. Apart from this, you can also assign a specific area like a kitchen, bedroom, or garage, etc. Also, you can command the drone to fly or program it to fly when any disturbance or movement is detected.

What is the price and release date of Always Home Cam?

Though Amazon is not the first company to announce such drones yet these are the easiest, accessible, and low prices. Further, when these drones will be available for sale in 2021, it will cost $250. Yet no exact date has been announced.


Always Home Cam by Ring has been announced by Amazon that this drone carried cam will fly monitor your home to monitor. It will be available in 2021 for the consumers. So, for further details, stay tuned with us.

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