Top 10 Single Board Computers in 2020

Top 10 single board Computers


Raspberry Pi-4

Raspberry Pi 4 Specifications single board computer

It is the latest product of RaspberryPi computers and one among the top 10 single-board computers. Moreover, It is also known as with different names like robot brain; double display, factory controller smart computer. It is faster and more potent than other Raspberry Pi computers. It offers many amazing features like an increase in the execution of sound and sight/performance of multimedia; memory, and improvement in connectivity as compared with the earlier generations of RaspberryPi-3 Model B+. At the same time; the utilization of power and holding in reverses are the same. Raspberry Pi 4 Models B performs desktop to the end-users as compared to entry-level systems of x86 PC.

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The key features of Raspberry Pi 4 Model B are 64bit quad-core; processing with high performance; dual display that support(s) the resolution upto the 4k; more than 4GB Ram that increases the system speed; Bluetooth is 5.0, 3.0 is USB, and it has the ability of PoE. While, the dual band remote LAN and Bluetooth have measured consistent affirmation; permitting the board to be structured into finalized results with fundamentally diminished consistency testings; also, improving expense as well as time to advertise.

update: The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a new version of its flagship model, the Raspberry Pi 4 with up to 8GB of RAM. Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAM, PROS and CONS


Jeston Xavier NX Developer Kit

Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit single board computer

Jetson Xavier (NX) is also the World’s Smallest AI processing supercomputer for Embedded and Edge System(s) with cloud-local help. Further, Cloud-local help permits you to utilize similar innovations and work processes that upset cloud stages to construct, send and also oversee applications on Jetson edge gadgets. Moreover,  Jetson Xavier developer kit is a great invention for the OEMs machines. Similarly, for the developers of AI application who wants to make advance items; the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit conveys the ability to create and test power productive; arrangements of little structure factors with precise, and multi-modular AI deduction. Also, it includes a power proficient, and compact Jetson Xavier module for the AI devices. It profits by new cloud-local help and quickens the NVIDIA programming stack in as meagre as 10 W with more than 10x the presentation of its broadly received antecedent Jetson TX2.

Dev-Board Computers;

Top 10 Single Board Computers in 2020 1 Top10.Digital

The development board is a single-board type processing computer; also with a removable system on modules (SoM) having SOC; eMMC, remote radios, and Google’s edge T.P.U. Moreover, the ideal form for gadgets of IoT and other planted frameworks that request quickly on gadget ML(influencing). Further, the edge TPU processor can perform 4 trillion functions; in only one second, and it uses only 0.5 watts. While the critical features of the development board are it provides the complete system with SoC + ML +wireless connectivity. Moreover, Linux tools could run with this single board computer. Also, this computer support Tensor flow lite and auto ML vision edge. It builds fast and accurate custom image models for the classification with auto ML vision edge.


Top 10 Single Board Computers in 2020 2 Top10.Digital

It is a powerful single board computer based on x86 64bit with a capacity of large memory and advanced IO ports. This computer can run window ten on virtual machines. It has a processor more than 2.5 GHz. 32Gib Ram with two slots of SO-DIMM. Main features of this computer are DDR4 memory, powerful graphic card, and eMMC version 5 storage.


Top 10 Single Board Computers in 2020 3 Top10.Digital

TinkerBoard is a Single Board Computer (SBC) in an ultra-little structure fine factor that offers class-driving execution whereas utilizing exceptional mechanical similarity. The TinkerBoard offers producers, IoT devotees, specialists, PC DIY aficionados, and others a dependable and amazingly skilled stage for the building and tinkering their thoughts into the real world.

With its ground-breaking and present-day quad-centre ARM-based processor;  the Rock chip RK3288; Tinker Board offers fundamentally improved execution versus other famous SBC sheets. To give the adaptability expected to various forms and ventures, TinkerBoard highlights 2GB of LPDDR3 double channel memory. Tinker Board likewise outfitted with an SD 3.0 interface that offers fundamentally quicker read and composes rates to expandable microSD cards utilized for the OS, applications, and record stockpiling.

Rock Pi 4

Rock Pi 4 - Model B 4GB

Rock Pi-4 are Single Board Computers (SBC) in an ultra-little structured factor that offers class-driving execution while utilizing remarkable mechanical similarity. The Rock Pi-4 offers producers, IoT. devotees, specialists, PC-DIY lovers, and others a dependable and very able stage for the building and tinkering their thought(s) into the real world. Rock Pi 4 has a cutting edge and incredible Hexa-center ARM-based processor(s), RK3399 inside, and it offers fundamentally improved execution vs other well-known SBC sheets. All models are outfitted with LPDDR4 3200Mb/s RAM and optional superior eMMC modules, support all applications.

Banana Pi


Banana-Pi is also a single-board computer. It is a credit card-sized computer with great features. It produced by the Chinese company name Shenzhen co, Ltd. The Raspberry Pi influenced the design of banana-Pi computers hardware. Banana-Pi can run on many operating systems like Linux, Android, Debian, and ubuntu. Banana-Pi BPI-M4 use Realtek RTD1395 chip structure, it is a 64-piece quad-centre A53 scaled-down single-board PC. It highlights 1 GB/2GB of RAM and 8 GB eMMC. It likewise has locally available WiFi for b/g/n/air conditioning and BT 4.2. On the ports side; the BPI-M4 has 4 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB TYPE C port, 1 HDMI port,f 1 sound jack. Support M.2 Key E PCI-E 2.0 interface(s).

Orange Pi 4b

top single board computers

It is one of single-board computers run on many operating systems like High performance 64-piece 6-Core superior processor principle recurrence accelerates to 2.0GHz, equipment video interprets at up to 4K@60fps, AP6256, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/air conditioning remote LAN, Bluetooth 5.0, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0&3.0. Gigabit Ethernet up to 1000Mbps, alongside locally available remote systems administration and Bluetooth, Dual 4GB LPDDR4 + 16GB EMMC streak. This single-board computer’s key features worked for NPU Chip adopt MPE and APM impressive AI engineering. Regular count power 2.8Tops, with 9.3Tops/W ultra-performance. This single-board computer is perfect for those who want to start with technology.

LattePanda Alpha 864s

single board computers

Latte Panda Alpha uses the Intel Core m3 processor; which is equivalent to the most recent MacBook. The Core m3 processor is the ideal decision for unrivalled execution and low force utilization. With its 8GB RAM and 64GB eMMC, M.2 interface SSD backing, and abundant GPIO expansion ports; Alpha can meet the majority of the application needs. This single-board computer is known as the leader of the pandas. The main features of this single board computer support both operating systems; Windows and Linux have the ultimate ability of cloud networking, extendable interfaces more than 42. This computer takes less space due to its ultra-thin design. 8 GB RAM which increases the speed of the computer functioning.

Beagle Board pocket beagle

Best Single Board Computers

It is an ultra-tiny single-board computer acting as a USB fob computer. The use of this computer is straightforward, and it is very cost-effective. It is an ideal board for the beginners and professionals both. You can do a lot with this computer because the usage of this computer is straightforward. Many people-built health monitor and remote controls with the use of this computer. This single-board computer is base on new octavo systems OSD3358 which include 512MB RAM, and 1 GHz ARM Cortex. The main features of this single board computer are openness and flexible work on imagination; also, it can learn many programming aspects. It is a unique and low-cost computer with unlimited expandability.

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