Olive Video Editor, A Free Video Editor

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Olive Video Editor is a free video editor that offers a full-featured option to high-end professional video editing tools.


Well, Olive is for the users that depend on shortcuts; all the editing resources and standard operations they have; plus you can customize your shortcuts (the UI might do with more research though). Moreover, it is perfect as it’s a big booster in profitability.
Also, it has excellent color and caption generators for intro/outro sequences. Similarly, it has functions like Razor, Ripple, Slide, and Slip for cutting.
Jabbing is outstanding: the representation is clear, and it just operates between the videos, the play-head axis, and the pointers.

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(Picture Courtesy: https://www.olivevideoeditor.org/)

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Do you need phot-in-image? No issue: place the video clip on the timeline, scaling it down to push it where you need it. Need to have two side to side videos? Just use the effect of the clip.

Other than this, the results are mainly desktop-accelerated and have imitable features (so you can turn among regular and seamless video processing, but no F-Curves so far).

The display console is also hardware-accelerated. This ensures that you get very realistic fps in on-time video replay, except with a few effects added.

The olive video editor also allows files such as JPEG or PNG. If you do watermark of your images, this is a no-brainer: upload a PNG image from your logo and place it on top of all video files, and the alpha stream will be appropriately cared for.

You can also monitor the opacity and select between a few filtering styles (uncommon, toggle, Display).

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Olive is making rapid progress and users are already producing videos with it, but it’s still currently in alpha meaning it is incomplete and not fully stable.


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Available for Windows, MAC, Linux.
Cost: Free of cost
Link: Here is the link.

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