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Python Tutorial Complete Series – 01

Lesson 1: The basics of python

  • Introduction to Python
  • Uses and functions
  • Why Python? And how Python is better than other languages.


Introduction to Python Programming language.

Python is one of the most important and popular programming languages is widely in use in every field of life. Guido Rosum developed it in 1991. Every developer either who is beginner or PRO prefer python to code because it is user friendly and easy to use.



Python is used to,

  • Developing web applications and software (server end),
  • Developing and managing software engineering,
  • Perform and solve Mathematical problems,
  • Do system scripts,
  • Perform advance technology,
  • Used in Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and advance Robotics.


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Functionality of Python?


  • Python can be used on a server end to create web software or application(s).
  • Along with the software(s) to make or increase the workflow of any task.
  • Python connects DBS system(s). It can create, read or do files modifications by file handling.
  • Also, It is useful to manage large scale data and perform difficult or complex problems in efficient manners. It can also perform mathematical problems and solve equations.
  • And It can also be used for quick prototypes or (production) ready SD (software development).


Why take the Python Programming language?


  • Python works on different platforms and multiple operating systems like windows operating system, Mac OS, Linux, Raspberry Pi and many more.
  • It has a very simple syntax as compare to other programming languages and very easy to understand. The syntax looks like the English Language.
  • It has an awesome style of writing codes that helps developer(s) to transcribe programs with fewest possible code or short line of codes as compared to other languages.
  • Python works like an interpreter, in simple wordings code run and executed at the same time while written on it. It means programming and prototyping become so quickly and accurately.
  • Python has OOP object-oriented programming style, procedural and also a functional way.


Do you know?

  • There are multiple versions of python available like python 2 and python 3, but the recent and most popular version is Python 3 that we will be using in this (complete python) series. Python 2 hasn’t updated anything yet except security and some other updates, but it’s still popular. Moreover, Python 3 is a completely latest version, which makes it more accessible.
  • Python will be written in a text editor in this series with screenshots or help images. It will also write about an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Pycharm, Netbeans or Eclipse, which are very useful when managing a large number of collection files (Python).


How python is different to other languages?


  • The aim of python is to give readability. It is for readability and similar to the English language by influencing mathematics.


  • It uses complete command lines while other languages often use semicolon, brackets etc.


  • Moreover, it relies on indentation(s), whitespaces, to define scope; such as the scope of any loop(s), built-in or user-defined functions and classes. Other programming languages often use complex curly brackets to meet this purpose.

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Let’s start python programming…

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