Apple Transition From Intel to Apple Silicon

On Monday, June 22, Apple has conducted a live event of WWDC 2020. They made a lot of announcements sharing what they are bringing new to the users. Moreover, they also shared some of their future plans. Though the event has not met the expectations of the people as there was no launch of new hardware. However, they updated some of the exciting features. The biggest announcement they made yesterday was that they are going to replace intel with their own Apple Silicon chip.

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Also, Apple had to conduct this event live because of COVID-19. It was the first time in the history that there was not any physical gathering. However, it was a great opportunity for the viewers to have a glance at Apple Park. Anyhow, in this article, we are going to discuss Apple Silicon chip, its impact on intel and why Apple has transitioned to its own Silicon chip.

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What is Apple Silicon Chip?

It is a new custom chip developed by the Apple own laboratory. According to Apple’s developers, the new Silicon chip is world-class hardware and they will no more rely on the intel. Also, they shared the following features of the Apple Silicon.

  • Energy Efficient: The developers said the new chip is more energy-efficient than Intel and any other hardware. Moreover, they said that it costumes 50 per cent less energy than others.
  • Custom chip:  It is a custom chip in which Apple has added a lot of custom features and it will be a user-friendly processor.
  • Built-in MS Office: Apple has collaborated with the Microsoft and they have added Microsoft Office as an essential feature in it. Now the mac users would not need to download these applications separately.
  • 3D Animation:  Also, the developers stated that the new Silicon chip would enable the user to view the presentation in 3D mode and graphics look a lot better.

The issue between Apple and Nvidia

Apple has not made an overnight decision to make his own hardware or processor. It started ten years ago when they experienced a lot of GPU failures. In 2019, again there was a problem between Apple and Nvidia. Many Mac users reported that after updating Nvidia graphics cards performance has slowed down. So, it was not good for users experience and Apple had to think about it.

When Apple will launch mac with Apple Silicon

Apple has planned to ship or launch their first mac with Apple Silicon by the end of this year. However, they will complete the transition in two years. Apple CEO Tim stated that it is an exciting and historic day for us because it will bring mac to a whole new level.

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