Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects and Hacks!

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Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer that is very low cost. It can be used to perform a different kind of computational tasks. This small computing device plugs into a display device and uses a keyboard and mouse to function. It opens so many doors as to how the device can be used from tasks like automation, making a bot, making a networking monitor to a time-lapse camera. The possibilities and limitless. It lets beginners and experts create innovating computer-based projects at a quite cheap rate. Raspberry Pi is being used worldwide for so many different tech-related projects. If you too are looking to get started on a Raspberry Pi project, then you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of Top 10 Raspberry Pi tech projects that can be performed by beginners or experts.


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  1. Email Server using Citadel

            What more fun than having your own custom email domain name? Other than that what if you could store all your emails somewhere where no one except you can access them? Well, this and much more is possible by installing an email server on Raspberry Pi using Citadel. This makes your emails less prone to be hacked and spied upon. Another major perk is you can automate email sending from your Raspberry Pie. Installing the software is quite easy but configuring it is a tad bit hard. This project is for intermediates, not beginners.

  1. Connecting to Spotify

            Are you a big music fan? Want to stream music directly to a portable device which is connected to speakers? Here is a fun tech project. Using Raspberry Pi you can stream songs to it through any Spotify app. The Raspberry Pi is will be paired to either Bluetooth speakers or wired speakers depending on your setup. This allows you to use any Spotify app or any device to stream music from your Raspberry Pi. This tech project is audio related so it is better to have the prerequisites for this such as audio cables, Raspberry sound card, micro SD card, speakers, etc.

  1. Setting up WordPress

            WordPress is one of the most famous and widely used content management systems. It is used worldwide by many organizations. If you a WordPress developer, this tech project is perfect for you. Raspberry Pi can be used as a development server for running your WordPress website. Its response time is much faster than XAMPP. The process of setting up WordPress to Raspberry Pi is rather simple. The only prerequisites are PHP, Apache and MYSQL server. Once these are set up then it is just a piece of cake from there. The total process doesn’t take that long and is not very technical either. This is best for beginners that are starting to learn WordPress.

  1. Installing Linux

            Linux alone holds so many features and functionalities within itself. As it is an open-source operating system, so many tasks can be performed on it. From ethical hacking to software penetration testing, Linux has limitless possibilities. So what if you could install in on a small board? You definitely can, as Linux can be installed on Raspberry Pi. The compactness is much advantageous as such a small computer board can run a full-fledged operating system. One thing you need to decide is what type of distro you want to install. As there are many distributions, it all comes down to user preference.

  1. Pi-hole® Network-wide Ad Blocking

Pi-hole is an opensource code that blocks Ads in your home network-wide using Raspberry Pi single-board. check our tutorial on how to get it up and running in less than 10 minutes following this link

  1. VPN Access Point Router

            Raspberry Pi can be used as a VPN modem. This can route all the traffic through the VPN. This saves you from installing a VPN on every device. If you have multiple devices that are connected to one network, all of their data can be routed through a VPN using Raspberry Pi. The VPN service you want to choose will depend on you as to what type of plan you want. We recommend Nord VPN or VyprVPN but it is up to you. Be sure whatever VPN you choose must not compromise on speed.

  1. Setting up Google Assistant

            Just like on android devices, google assistants can be set up to run on Raspberry Pi too. This tech project is those who are looking to experiment with google assistant. Just like on the android devices, the Raspberry will be continuously listening to the environment. To activate it you just have to say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”. Just like you use it on your mobiles, now you can place the system anywhere and have google assistants respond to your queries seamlessly. For this, you’ll be required a set of speakers and a USB microphone. You’ll need to first register and set up a project on Google Actions Console.

  1. RetroPie

            Ever wanted to play retro games? Well, now you can as you can install the famous RetroPie on your Raspberry Pi and turn it into a versatile Retro Gaming machine. This gaming machine will be able to run many games of different systems such as GBA, SNES, DS, PS1, etc. The process will require copying ROMs to the Pi system. Now you can relive the old days by playing retro games and get a feeling of nostalgia. Relive your childhood days by doing this simple project. You can install other emulators other than RetroPie too.

  1. Controlling a DSLR

            This tech project is camera related. The Raspberry Pi can be configured to control a DSLR. All its functionalities and features can be controlled by you at your fingertips. From taking photos, downloading files to changing camera settings. Everything is possible through Raspberry Pi. The software used is called gphoto2. The only prerequisite is knowing if your DSLR supports the gphoto2 software. Without it, you won’t be able to control your DSLR. This fun project is great for photography enthusiasts, as you have complete control of the camera.


  1. Home Assistant

            Imagine your house is automated and you can control each and everything at your fingertips. This isn’t a fantasy but a reality. You can set up a home assistant on your Raspberry Pi and have the control at your fingertips. From turning the lights on or off to change the AC’s temperature to playing any song. The possibilities are endless. The home assistant can also track and record states of all your devices. You can set up preferences like turning the lights on when it gets dark. It depends on you how much you can tweak your home to your preference. One app that we recommend is the “Home Assistant”. It’s got versatile features along with a great and easy to use UI.


            This Top 10 list is just a fraction of the tasks that can be performed using Raspberry Pi. As it is relatively cheap and very portable. This device is a go-to for enthusiasts that want to experiment on different projects. With so much versatility, the limit is the sky!



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