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AVID Media Composer First is an application software; users will build an Avid account to access and install the software on their Mac or Windows systems.

When you activate the software, you get a design efficient, and links to the quick Getting Started demo excerpts, which are compulsory for new users who want to get acquainted with the framework.

That is because Media Composer First is not familiar to beginners, including those who are acquainted with other video editing software.

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Media Composer First’s plan is to bring beginners into the Avid way for free before they finally step on to the more competent paid edition. The code is identical to the paying version, which implies that it has not been rendered simpler or more complicated than the first edition.


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Tools such as Section Mode (Extract / Splice-In) involve a documentary trip or several free instructional images. And if you’re searching for anything as simple and familiar as the razor blade feature to cut and dice your photo, forget about it.

The configuration is accurate at first, with windows of varying sizes strewn across the Display. Still, you can change the workspaces to your taste by re-sizing and repositioning the screens. When you’re happy with the version, you should save it for potential usage.

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Despite the lack of experience with the system, Media Composer First performs much of the other video programs routinely: it helps you to balance blurry images, boost brightness, deal with green-screens and repair the GUI.

It features Multicam editing and ducking audio. The software includes a range of visual effects and transformations, pace adjustments, color adjustment, image models, and title resources.

You may create audio files, edit and combine music, and record audio and voice-overs with the music unit.

One restriction of the free plan is that you’ll only have four video tracks and eight audio tracks; although each stereo track is a different track.

Although you can function with 4 K content in a timeline, you can not export the content as 4K; the quality of the free edition has restriction to 1080P. If you have a large project; you may find the tool’s restriction of five bins too constructive for processing and interpreting your clips; although five bins are enough for overall users.

Available on Window, MAC.
Cost: Free for beginners as well as a premium version for advanced features.
Link: https://www.avid.com/

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