Apple WWDC 2019 Announcement

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MacOS 10.15 is coming, and it’s called Catalina.

The greatest announcement was apparently that of SideCar. SideCar enables MacOS to utilize an iPad as a second screen. Users can move windows and assignments onto your iPad screen and cooperate with it precisely as though it was a second screen. In contrast to a second screen however, the iPad holds its Apple Pencil support, so you can utilize your iPad as an illustration tablet for your Mac.


MAC PRO 2019

The all new redesign MAC PRO 2019

The new Mac Pro starts at $5,999 for the 8-core model with 32 GB of RAM and a 256-GB solid-state drive. That can be configured up to a 28-core model with 1.5 terabytes of RAM.

The new Mac Pro is all about processing power and graphics. It can handle 4 AMD Radeon Pro Vega II graphics cards, which will give you enough power to play three simultaneous streams of 8K video.

The Mac Pro will start at $5,999, and it will be available in the fall.


Pro Display XDR

This new Apple Pro Display XDR is a 32-inch LCD panel with an astonishing 6016 x 3384 Retina 6K resolution.

The display output an incredible 1,000 nits indefinitely, with a maximum brightness of 1,600 nits.

The stand rotates into portrait mode, and it’s even possible to easily detach the display from the stand.

The price for the Pro Display XDR will start from $4,999, with a nano-matte coated to reduce glare version costing from $5,999.


IOS 13

Dark mode in iOS 13 looks great.

  • Typing is easier thanks to the new QuickPath keyboard.
  • HomeKit cameras now support iCloud storage.
  • The iPad’s Home screen got overhauled in iOS 13.
  • You can connect external storage devices in iOS 13.
  • CarPlay has a new dashboard view.


  • screen with a new layout that allows room for more apps on the screen. … 
  • New ways to multitask. … 
  • Apple Pencil is more useful. … 
  • Files app now supports external drives. … 
  • iPadOS also brings Dark Mode.


  • New Watch Faces. New face. … 
  • App Store is coming to your wrist. Finally! … 
  • Fitness gets trendy. Apple Watch wants to give you even more data on your health and fitness. … 
  • Menstrual Cycle tracking. … 


A redesigned home screen

The current Apple TV home screen is kind of dull, especially compared to what you find in the Netflix and HBO streaming apps. With tvOS 13, though, the Apple TV home screen will take a cue from those apps and start playing trailers when you slide over TV and movie apps and even specific episodes.

Much as in the Netflix app, these trailers will dominate the screen behind the interface, giving you a good idea of what you’ll be watching within a matter of seconds.

Support for multiple users


You can technically already set up Apple TV for multiple family members, but it’s a cumbersome process that involves going into Settings and signing out. But soon, however, Apple will allow you to switch between users through a new Control Center that’s being introduced in tvOS 13.

The new Control Center looks a lot like the one in iOS.

Apple didn’t spend much time explaining this feature, but it looks as though switching users will be even easier than it is on macOS. It’ll also enable an “Up Next” feature that’s better suited to your specific preferences.

Support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers

Makers of MFi (Made for iOS) game controllers were probably stunned to hear Apple’s keynote today, as Apple TV will now support controllers made for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The newly supported controllers will work with Apple Arcade when it drops sometime later his year.

First, this means you won’t have to spend any time wondering if your controller will support any particular game’s controls. Second, this means you won’t even have to buy a special tvOS controller if you already have an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.



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