I am really excited to write about this topic and I hope you will also find it exciting. Social media stories like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube stories attract the audience a lot. However, what would happen when you will watch such stories on the website? It is exciting na? Yeah, It should be. Google has now announced web stories feature as a WordPress plugin to attract more people. Let’s explore it deeply.

What are Google web stories?

Well, the new feature that Google has announced is a new form of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Moreover, these stories are for Mobiles users who can see the content at a glance. Also, Google has introduced for users who are having lunch or who are on the subway. In fact, this is a new way to get traffic and Google does not want to miss his users.

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Google Announced Web Stories To Get More Traffic 1What are the advantages of these stories?

This new feature is very useful and has a lot of advantages for the content publishers. Following are the major advantages.

  • Get More Traffic: These stories are one of the best and easiest way to get a lot of traffic. Because a person who is busy can also have a view of the content in a few seconds. So, this is very interactive.
  • Enable Monetization: The other huge benefit of these stories is that publishers can monetize it. Moreover, they can add affiliate links, Google Ad Manager and Google DV360 (Beta).
  • Interactive and Attraction grabbing: These stories are interactive as well as an attention grabber. Therefore, there are all a lot of chances that more visitors can come to watch the stories.
  • Advertising Opportunity: Moreover, these stories are a great way of advertising. Using this plugin publisher can approach the unique audience to spread their products.
  • Sharable on the web: These stories can also be embedded on your website. Hence these stories can be watched on the open site also.

Google Announced Web Stories To Get More Traffic 2What is the Size of the Stories?

The video content of the stories should be no longer than 15 seconds. Also, it should be with subtitles. While each page of the story should contain 10 words and it can be between four and thirty pages. You can also click here for more details.